iOS 14 FAQ: Apple to release iOS 14 on September 16

Apple announced the next major revision to its phone operating system at its WWDC 2020 virtual developer conference. And as usual, the new iOS is full of features both large and small. 

This story will be periodically updated, and we will break down everything you need to know about iOS 14: the significant features and changes, compatibility, the release date, and how to install the update. Here is what awaits you when you update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS this fall.

Update 09/15/20: During Apple’s September 15 ”Time Flies” event, the company confirmed that it would release iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 on Wednesday, September 16. Make sure your iPhone is supported and see how to update.

A new home screen with the App Library

ios14 app library01 Apple

One swipe past your last home screen is the App Library, where all your apps live, and are automatically organized.

Apple is finally changing the iOS home screen! With iOS 14, you’ll be able to actually remove apps from your home screens, and even eliminate entire screens.

Your apps will all remain in a new App Library, a page that is one swipe beyond your final home screen.

ios14 app library02 Apple

The first two boxes show suggested apps based on your time and location and most recently used apps.

The App Library automatically groups all your apps together into big folders that show the most recently used apps within. You can search for apps with a search box at the top, see automated suggestions in the upper-left box, and recently used apps in the upper-right box. Folders will also be automatically organized by categories, like Social, Health & Fitness, etc.

It is a great way to clean up your iPhone’s home screen without losing access to all your stuff, and it is the most significant change to the iPhone’s home screen in years.

New Widgets on the Today view and home screen

ios14 widgets01 Apple

Widgets now come in lots of new shapes and sizes.

Widgets have been available on iOS for years, living in a simple vertical list of full-width boxes on the Today screen (that screen to the left of your first home screen).