Todd Snyder’s Latest Timex Watch Is a Wearable Piece of Design History

Here we go, yo, here we go, yo. Oh, what’s that? You already know the scenario? Bet. Well let me clue everyone else in, bud. Because benevolent menswear deity Todd Snyder and the expert watchmakers at Timex are back again to bless us all with another absolute banger of a timepiece of their ongoing collaboration, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Way to kill the mood, man. You could’ve at least played along.


The duo’s latest team-up comes in the form of a handsome-as-hell watch they’ve dubbed the Art Deco Milano, a retro-looking beauty inspired by the designer’s interactions with Timex’s Milan-based product team. And needless to say, it’s excellent. The two are billing it as an accessory ready-made for The New Casual (i.e. the way dudes around the world are dressing right now) and it boasts luminescent hands and hour markers along with a standout cushion case that’s suddenly looking reassuringly hefty. (If that’s not enough, the Quartz-movement style also includes a leather strap sourced from tanneries run by the legendary boot makers at Red Wing.)

Timex + Todd Snyder Art Deco Milano XL

Timex + Todd Snyder


In other words, you don’t need a Master’s in contemporary architecture to appreciate the silhouette’s Art Deco look. And in less socially isolated times, if you stepped out rocking a watch this nice you’d be fending off queries from interested bystanders left and right. It’s good to make friends!

To shop the exclusive collaboration now head on over to the Todd Snyder site and (heh) buy yourself some much-needed time.

the cushion case feels perfect for this moment—and sits nicely on the wrist
The cushion case feels perfect for this moment—and sits nicely on the wrist.

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