The 16 Best Peacoats to Buy Now and Wear All Damn Fall

Sure, you might’ve missed out on the great peacoat craze of the mid aughts, when people were snapping ’em up by the dozen in an Americana-induced frenzy, but that’s why now’s the time to go all-in on the style. You never really want to invest in a trend when it’s peaking, man. Much wiser to wait it out and get in on the action once the brouhaha’s died down and you’ve had time to consider if the damn thing actually works for you.

Thankfully, calling the peacoat a mere “trend” is a grave disservice to an outerwear silhouette that’s stood the test of time better than almost any other. (Like, literally any other.) And now, a decade-plus after s of rugged-looking dudes rocking the style first started making the rounds on a small subset of the blogosphere, the peacoat’s suddenly starting to look pretty, pretty good again.

This time around though, there’s no reason you need to stick to a classic military-inspired take on the style. Hell, you can even go really crazy and—gasp!—opt for a color other than navy (you daring sartorial daredevil, you). Either way, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite options to get this particular round of the peacoat’s resurgence started in style. So anchors aweigh, folks, because this ship’s about to set sail. Destination: Big Fit Island. ETA: As soon as you commit to copping.

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Wool Blend Classic Peacoat

Alpine Swiss


About as classic as they come. (Hey, if it ain’t broke…)

Notched Collar Wool Blend Peacoat



A hell of a peacoat for a hell of a price. 

Classic Double Breasted Peacoat


Something tells me Nautica doesn’t play around when it comes to a style famously favored by the, ah, nautically-minded. 

Wool Peacoat



Listen, baby, who better for you than the Gap?!

Gregory Peacoat



Sleek, slim, and the easiest way to dress up your most scuffed Chelsea boots. 

Fulton Insulated Peacoat



Leave it to J.Crew—the brand that made the the suit feel cool again for a whole damn generation—to craft a version of the peacoat that feels especially fresh right now. 

Classic Melton Wool Navy Peacoat

Schott NYC


Schott is a certified OG when it comes to the peacoat. The brand made the style for the U.S. Navy back in the day, and this version leans hard into its military heritage in a slightly slimmer cut that’ll still keep you warm all winter long.

Washed Canvas Peacoat



The most ruggedest peacoat take around. 

Wilo Grey Check Peacoat



Funnily enough, you don’t find peacoats with a real nice pattern on them all that often. So when you do—like, say, in the case of this subtle plaid one from British label Casely-Hayford—you shouldn’t sleep on it.

Brushed Canvas Peacoat

Brooks Brothers


The king is dead. Long live the king!

Clerkenwell Wool Peacoat

Oliver Spencer


If you’re the type of dude who appreciates the finer details—and whose closet has nary a garish logo in sight—Oliver Spencer’s typically subdued take on the peacoat should be right up your alley.

Bond Peacoat

Billy Reid


Named for the designer’s Bond Street store in NYC, but made famous by another Bond when Daniel Craig wore it in Skyfall.

Extra Warm

Manchester Wool Peacoat

Todd Snyder x Private White V.C.


This English-made peacoat from Todd Snyder and Private White V.C. uses thick Melton wool and an absolute unit of a collar to shield your neck from wind and rain. If you’re looking to fend off the cold, this’ll do it. 

Luxurious Pick

Double-Breasted Wool and Cashmere-Blend Peacoat



Mackintosh knows a thing or two about protecting people from the elements—and this coat delivers in a big way. 

Wool Blend Peacoat



The maker of the most famous trench on the market also sells a peacoat style that skews decidedly slick. 

Unconstructed Classic Shearling Peacoat

Thom Browne


For the cozy boys and, really, anyone in the market for a $4,000 fuzzy-ass coat.

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