Body of well-known paraglider found in US mountains – weeks after he went missing

A well-known paraglider has been found dead in the mountains of Nevada in the US, nearly a month after he went missing.
The body of James “Kiwi” Johnston – who disappeared on 23 August – was found under a tree in the Fish Creek mountains of Eureka County after a passerby noticed a parachute on Wednesday.

Police said the New Zealand paraglider died of multiple injuries from a high-elevation fall, and his family said they were “relieved” that he is believed to have died instantly.

Image: James Johnston’s parachute was discovered by a passerby earlier this week. Pic: GoFundMe
His death was ruled an accident, with no foul play suspected.
A search went on for almost a week after Mr Johnston’s disappearance, but it was suspended on 29 August.


Search and rescue teams discovered his body on Friday after his parachute was recovered.

A GoFundMe page for the missing paraglider raised $97,150 (£50,525) for the resources to find him and “bring him home”.

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Mr Johnston, a paraglider with 30 years’ experience, lived in Wyoming and more recently New Orleans in between his flying adventures.
After his body was recovered, a statement from his family said: “This journey and search for our man has been enlightening in so many abstract and glorious ways.
“Today was the culmination of four weeks hard work and dedication, we were finally blessed to see where James came to rest.
“After seeing his equipment combined with knowledgeable opinion we are relieved to believe that James died instantly.
“Although the search to recover him took weeks, it is comforting to know that he did not suffer and was not waiting for us to show to save him.”

Image: James Johnston with family members. Pic: GoFundMe
A day earlier, his family posted about his chute being located.
“The glider was found billowing in the wind 10 to 15 miles from the road by passersby,” the post says.
“It’s in an area that has been heavily searched… We will be in touch with an update as soon as we have one.”
The latest post thanked everyone involved in the search for Mr Johnston: “We cannot thank you enough for your ingenious efforts, the combined intellect and mastery of the team behind the search who formulated possibilities against all odds, was extraordinary.
“The number of people who showed up who never met James, or knew someone that knew James, and the extended community that was affected by his life in some way was powerful to witness.”

Source : Sky News