Blurams Smart Doorbell review: High-quality video, free cloud storage, and a low introductory price tag

The Blurams Smart Doorbell is the latest home security product in the company’s lineup to impress us with good quality at a reasonable price. The video doorbell continues this trend with great video, several advanced features, and a generous three-day library of video storage in the cloud at no additional cost.

Buyers should be aware, however, that this video doorbell’s $79 price tag is tied to a crowd-funding campaign—the final product is not expected to ship until December. Our rule for crowd-funding campaigns is that we’ll cover them only if the product is very close to shipping, and the manufacturer is able to provide a sample that will be reviewed as a shipping retail product. When this device ships, Bluram expects it will fetch $149.

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Blurams’ doorbell is a bit chunkier than some competing models, but the size has been put to good use. It measures roughly 5.3 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches (HxWxD) and has a large black main panel containing the camera and sensor that’s surrounded by an illuminating ring. The ring glows red at night when it detects movement, which serves as both a warning and a big help for anyone coming to your door and looking for the bell. A large ring button takes up the lower portion of the doorbell.

The doorbell has a microphone and speaker and allows two-way talk with anyone that comes to the door.

Martyn Williams / IDG

The Blurams Smart Doorbell has a chunky profile, but its dimensions are put to good use.

Installing the Blurams Smart Doorbell

Getting the Blurams doorbell up was easy. The camera comes with a plastic mounting plate that is affixed to the wall via screws or a 3M sticky pad. The camera can be firmly attached to the mounting plate with a screw.

You’ll have the option to run the camera via its internal Lithium 18650 rechargeable battery or through a wired power supply. It’s compatible with the standard U.S. low-voltage doorbell wiring of 16-24 volts DC. I used the wired power supply during my evaluation.

Martyn Williams / IDG

The Blurams Smart Doorbell can run on either battery power or low-voltage wiring.

If the battery is used, the unit needs to be removed from the plate for charging. You’ll need to bring it inside the house and charge it using a USB cable. The onboard Wi-Fi adapter connects to 2.4GHz networks only.

The doorbell also comes with a wireless chime unit that is intended to be used in the house to help alert occupants when someone presses the doorbell. That simply plugs into a wall outlet and it has 32 ring tones to choose from.