The Best Winter Coats Will Keep You Warm, Dry, and Comfortable

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever there’s one of those atypically warm winter days here in NYC I always get all hyped to wear something other than a down coat for once. Then I start feeling guilty about climate change and how it’s definitely not natural for a New York winter to be this mild, and suddenly I need to go home and, like, watch a documentary on global warming or something to soothe my nerves. (If you’ve never passed out on the couch to the dulcet tones of Al Gore bitching about the planet on a TV in the background don’t talk to me or my son ever again.)

Sure, it might seem a tad premature to be talking winter coats right now but—and I don’t mean to be alarmist here—it’s not premature to be talking winter coats. It’s about to be fucking freezing out, and if you want avoid the type of coat-on-coat action rapper and noted layering enthusiast Lil Uzi Vert describes with glee, it’s time you started thinking about copping a proper winter coat. And guess what? It ain’t all “Canada Goose this” and “Canada Goose that” (although, okay, yes—the brand makes one hell of a parka). The ideal winter coat should be warm. It should protect you from wind, snow, sleet, and all sorts of nasty weather. And it should look halfway decent doing it. So much so, in fact, you won’t look forward to those atypically warm days in the slightest.

Sound like a tall order? Worry not. Because we tracked down some of the best options to buy now, long before that neighbor you secretly hate has the chance to scoop the one you had your eye on—ruining it for you forever—and you’re forced to call an audible and go with a different choice in a moment of last-minute desperation. Don’t let him have the last laugh. Cop a winter coat now and get the jump on Jason from the apartment down the hall.

Fuck you, Jason! My boy’s out here stunting in a soon-to-be seasonally appropriate absolute unit of a coat.

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ReNew Long Parka



Everlane’s ReNew parka delivers on two fronts. First off, it’s incredibly eco-conscious. The recycled polyester fabric is made from 55 renewed plastic bottles, and while the zippers and trim aren’t recycled, the brand is working on it. Second, it’s warm—very warm. The body-length, boxy-fit parka is filled with Primaloft insulation that’ll keep you cozy on all but the most punishingly frigid days.

For Throwback Fans

1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket

The North Face


Aside from the throwback good looks, The North Face’s Nuptse jacket has a lot to offer. The 700-fill goose down is certified to the Responsible Down Standard, and ranked among the warmest insulation that brand provides. And while it’s not entirely wind and waterproof, the Nuptse will keep you guarded from the elements on drizzly and blustery days. All that, and classic style, too. Talk about a win-win.

Rockfall Down Parka



A water-resistant exterior and 550-fill power down are just part of the story with this Columbia jacket. The lining uses the brand’s proprietary Omni-Heat technology, which reflects back body heat to keep you extra warm in cold conditions. With all that to consider, the sleek white colorway is really just a bonus. (And a very stylish one, at that.)

Epuffa Mid Jacket

Daily Paper


Daily Paper’s mid-length Epuffa coat combines maximum insulation from the cold ( of a 100% recycled polyester padding and functional details like a high neck and removable hood) with a glossy nylon fabric design for some much-needed extra warmth. 

Logo Embroidered Padded Coat



Woolrich’s padded down coat is about as classic as they come. In other words, if you’re looking for a timeless waist-length, winter-ready silhouette that’ll keep you nearly as toasty as any of its longer counterparts you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option for the price. 

Oversized Down Jacket

Ader Error


Ader error’s retro-inflected, color-blocked style is intentionally oversized and ready-made to keep you cozy all season long. Heavily padded with down, the Korean brand’s zip-up jacket also boasts a packable hood you can adjust on the fly as you see fit. 

Padded Coat



Yohji Yamamoto’s partnership with Adidas was nothing short of groundbreaking when it was first introduced in the early aughts, but it’s a testament to the *grimaces inwardly* genuine synergy between the two that the collaboration hasn’t lost its luster even after all these years. Yohji-san’s padded puffer jacket is made out of recycled polyester and features a down filling and a detachable hood, all done up in the designer’s signature dark palette. 

Tres 3-in-1 Parka



If you need something to shield you from the wind and cold on your way to wherever the hell you’re going, Patagonia has you covered. The brand’s sleek waterproof parka looks and feels refined, but its bonded construction and removable, insulated liner ensure you’ll stay warm and dry in winter weather. Plus, you can wear both pieces together, or each separately for a true 3-in-1 system.

Oversized Quilted-Shell Jacket

Bianca Saunders


At first glance, Bianca Saunders’ take on the classic black puffer might not look all that different from those of her peers. But the British wunderkind earned her status as one of the most exciting talents in London’s fashion scene for knowing how to cut a garment just-so, and her mastery of silhouette is on full display here. Big but not bulky, oversized but not comically so, this jacket is a great (and cozy!) introduction to what Saunders does best. 

Hooded Padded Coat

Martine Rose


Martine Rose’s down-filled coat takes all the functionality you want in a winter coat—from the concealed button fastening to the heavy padding—and blends it with an old-school, military-inspired feel. If you’re looking for something that’ll still be in style years from now, this is it.

Chateau Slim Fit Down Parka



Before Canada Goose became the brand of choice for style-conscious urban-dwellers, you could find it on arctic explorers and film crews working in seriously unpleasant conditions. There’s a reason for that: The company’s down-filled coats are both tough and insulating. And even if you’re not venturing into the unknown, the 625-fill power down on this Chateau parka is enough to keep you warm all winter.

High-Shine Padded Jacket

C.P. Company


C.P. Company’s waist-length, high-shine puffer offers a relatively low-key look with pockets aplenty and a hood that comes with the brand’s now-signature eye goggle detail. (All the better to see you with, etc.)

Therme Insulated Parka



Arc’teryx’s area of expertise is the great outdoors, so it should come as no surprise that its 750-fill power down parka is fully kitted out to handle whatever the elements throw at it with ease, Gore-Tex exterior and all. Extra impressive: the brand’s signature Down Composite Mapping, which helps to deliver insulation in the areas that need it most.  

Flap Pocket Puffer Jacket



Herno’s waist-length puffer is lined with lightweight goose down, so you can be sure it’ll protect you from wind, water and whatever else it encounters this winter while maintaining its breathability. Throw in concealed fastenings and a heavily padded interior—plus that trusty down insulation—and you’ve got a super-sleek, super-functional winter coat.

Shelby Military Fishtail Parka



If classic, outdoorsy parkas aren’t your thing, maybe Nobis’s military-inspired detailing will do it for you. This fishtail parka is windproof and waterproof, and finished with elements like epaulets and buttoned flap pockets to give it an elevated vibe. The 650-fill down means it’s also warm enough to keep you comfortable throughout the colder months. 

Padded Long-Sleeved Jacket



Parajumper’s polar puffer is designed for severe weather, so it’s packed with technical details that’ll keep you warm and safe whether you’re trekking through the tundra or just on your way to the bodega down the block. Down insulation shields your body from the worst of the wind and rain, and a distinctive high neck design leaves as little exposed to the elements as possible. 

Crinkle Reps NY Down Coat

Stone Island


Stone Island has built its cult-like following in no small part thanks to the brand’s mastery of materials. In this case, that means a poly-blend shell that’s been treated to look intentionally lived-in (while still being rugged enough for a lot more living), driven home by the iconic compass fabric badge on the left sleeve. 

5 Craig Green Long Down Jacket



Moncler is damn-near synonymous with high-end ski style, and for good reason. The label knows how to keep you insulated, sure. (In this case, using down fill and big-ass paneling.) But it also knows how to make sure you look great as you make your way down the slopes or down the street, teaming up with industry darling Craig Green for a fashion-y spin on a classic silhouette. 

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