Apple Maps lists your location incorrectly? You can report it

No map is perfect; all are approximations. But it’s galling to business owners when a modern digital map lists the wrong address, has incorrect business hours, or even says the business is closed when it’s still open—a tremendous concern right now for struggling enterprises.

Many, many people email Mac 911 asking for help with this, as customers can’t find this, or, recently, an address listed offered a dangerous turnoff that wasn’t the main entrance.

(Clarification: When people find the Mac 911 email address they think we’re Apple. “Mac 911? That must be help!” We do aim to try. Apple doesn’t offer support via direct email.)

Apple Maps offers a correction feature that’s changed and expanded slightly in recent releases for iOS/iPadOS and macOS. You don’t have to be a business owner to suggest changes or request a correction. Mistaken addresses and routes of course affects homeowners and renters, too, as well as non-profits, schools, and other organizations. (Google Maps years ago placed my house four miles west for about six months, which was a constant problem for deliveries, service people, and parents trying to bring their kids over for playdates and birthday parties.)

Here’s how to report errors or add places that aren’t listed. Note that human beings do review the additions and changes; they’re not made higgledy-piggledy.

Correct and add in iOS/iPadOS

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To correct errors in a listing, you can enter revisions, which Apple reviews.

Launch Maps. To correct a listing:

  1. Tap a location.

  2. Swipe to find Report an Issue and tap it.

  3. Revise the details shown.

  4. Tap Submit.

To add a listing:

  1. Hold down to create a Marked Location.

  2. Swipe to find Add a Missing Place and tap it.

  3. Choose the missing place type, like Business or Landmark.

  4. Fill in details and ensure the pin is over the correct location.

  5. Tap Submit.

You can also tap the info (i) icon on the map with nothing selected, tap Add a Missing Place or Report an Issue. Add a Missing Place starts you at step 3 in the steps to add a listing above. For Report an Issue, tap Map Labels, move the marker to the right location, and fill out the problem problem.