Terror suspect ‘wanted to burn down Charlie Hebdo office – but did not know it had moved’

A knife attacker who targeted the former office of Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo wanted to set them on fire with white spirit, French prosecutors have said.
Jean-Francois Ricard told a news conference that the Pakistani suspect did not know that the publication had moved when the violent incident happened last Friday.

The man was carrying three bottles full of white spirit at the time, Mr Ricard added.

Image: Armed officers were seen patrolling the road after the attack on Friday
A total of seven people have been arrested in relation to the incident, which happened in the east of the capital.
Two people were wounded in what is being treated as an Islamist extremist attack.


Mr Ricard said a photo of the suspect’s passport on his phone showed he was 25-years-old, rather than 18 as he originally claimed.

Charlie Hebdo came under attack in 2015, when gunmen stormed its offices and killed 12 employees after it published caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.

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The satirical publication reprinted the caricatures earlier this year ahead of the trial into the attacks.

The pair who were injured in last week’s incident worked for the Premieres Lignes production company, and were outside having a smoke break.
Company co-founder Luc Hermann said on Saturday that the man and woman were still in hospital on Saturday, but added their condition was “reassuring”.

Source : Sky News