Allbirds’ New Wool Pipers Are the Sneakers You Want, Even if You Won’t Admit It

Allbirds picks its battles carefully. When the DTC darling first hit the scene way back in 2016, it took the footwear market by storm with one product and one product only: a streamlined Wool Runner style that became so damn popular it catalyzed a bona fide shopping frenzy. People freaked out. The shoe sold out. (Etc, etc.) Two years later, the company was worth over a billion dollars and its hero product was everywhere.

Since then, Allbirds has introduced new styles only selectively, and its Wool Runner remains the one to beat. Wrapped in the sort of clean, millennial-friendly marketing that remain a hallmark of its contemporaries—coupled with an environmentally conscious approach to sourcing and production that’s catnip for a certain type of young-ish consumer—the company’s Wool Runner also became online shorthand for a whole host of seemingly unrelated snide associations, not all of ’em flattering. (C’mon. It’s the internet we’re talking about here.)

Wool Pipers



All that’s to say, if you’re not too hot on the OG silhouette, the recently debuted Wool Pipers might be right up your alley. Allbird’s latest shoe combines the same so-soft-you’ll-swoon Merino wool upper the company’s famous for with a sugarcane (?) midsole made with carbon-negative green EVA and a castor bean (?!) insole. (Believe it, buddy.)

Taken all together, it’s a sleek silhouette that pays homage to iconic sneaker styles of the past while grounding itself firmly in the sort of authentic commitment to sustainability the current moment demands. And, frankly, if that’s not a “disruptive” enough proposition for you, I’m not sure what is.

To shop the full range of colors head on over to the Allbirds site now.

Avidan Grossman is the Style eCommerce Editor at Esquire, covering men’s fashion, shoes, grooming, and accessories.

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