10 Thanksgiving Cocktails That Are a Hell of a Lot Easier to Make Than a Turkey

Apple Cider Sangria

A batch cocktail will keep the guests placated. This one’s autumnal, fresh, and strong.

• 1 tart apple (think Granny Smith or McIntosh), sliced and cubed
• 1 sweet apple (like Gala or Fuji), sliced and cubed
• 1 orange, cut into rounds
• 4 cloves
• 2 c. unsweetened apple cider
• 1/4 c. honey
• 1/4 c. spiced rum
• 1 can ginger beer
• 1 bottle white wine (Riesling is best)
• 2 c. ice

Place apples, orange, and cloves into a large pitcher. Drizzle honey over the fruit, then add in apple cider, rum, ginger beer, and white wine. Stir to mix. Top with ice and let chill for 20 minutes before serving.

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Source : Esquire