iPhone 12 preview: New design, colors, and sizes, 5G, and no earbuds

After a month-long delay that moved it from its traditional September time slot, the annual iPhone event is almost here. On Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT, Apple will kick off its “Hi, Speed” event and we’ll get the first official look at the iPhone 12.

But as usual, very little about it is unknown. We’ve been hearing rumors about the iPhone 12 for over a year now and a pretty complete picture of the new handsets has emerged over the last few weeks. So if you like surprises, stop reading. Otherwise, here’s what you can expect to see.

iPhone 12: Design

The iPhone hasn’t really changed much since the home button-less iPhone X landed on the scene with a four-figure price tag, but the 12 looks to shake things up a bit. Instead of the curved edges that we’re used to, the iPhone 12 will reportedly adopt a “flat” design reminiscent of the iPad Pro. Renders show a design somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone 5, with slightly squarer corners and completely flat edges.

Otherwise, the iPhone 12 will likely look pretty similar to the iPhone 11. The square camera array on the back will reportedly be in the same spot and the lenses will be just as gigantic. The Apple logo will be centered like before and the Lightning port and speaker will seemingly be in the same spots.

ipad pro 2020 review cameras 1600 IDG

The iPhone 12 will reportedly take a lot of design cues from the iPad pro.

And if you were hoping the notch would be going away, you’re not going to be happy. While early reports suggested that it would be smaller or perhaps disappear completely, the latest rumors say the notch will be the same size as it is on the iPhone 11.

The bezels around the screen might be a touch smaller, however. According to leaked schematics, the bezels on the iPhone 12 Pro Max will shrink “by about 40% on all four sides, from 2.5 mm to 1.5 mm.” A millimeter might not sound like much, but it should make a huge difference.

As far as colors go, we’ve heard the Apple is working on a new navy blue color for the iPhone 12 Pro to replace last year’s Midnight Green, possibly called Midnight Blue. As far as the non-Pro iPhone 12, the rumor mill is less certain of what to expect, but light blue, violet, and orange have been floated, which just so happens to match the hues on the invite. A more recent rumor from Weibo leaker Kang suggests somewhat tame colors: black, white, red, blue, and green.

iPhone 12: Display

While the design might be a departure for the iPhone, the real changes are coming to the displays. For one, they’re all going to be OLED, so colors will be richer and blacks will be deeper even on the non-Pro models. Kang thinks the whole line will be going Super Retina XDR, but we’re not so sure. Our best guess is HD (720p) for the iPhone 12 and Full HD (1080p) for the iPhone 12 Pro. Or in Apple terms, Retina HD and Super Retina XDR.