The Best Prime Day Deals on Kitchen Knives and Knife Sets

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Whether you just need some decent cutlery, are ready to upgrade to something luxurious or are looking for the the perfect gift, now’s the time to snag a great deal on solid knives and knife sets. Here are some of the hottest Prime Day deals you won’t want to miss.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

$19 $15 (23% off)

Michelangelo 10-piece Rainbow Kitchen Knife Set

$60 $14 (76% 0ff)

WPCCD Professional Chef Knife

$35 $21 (39$ off)

Kitory Heavy Duty Cleaver Knife

$34 $27 (30% off)

Santoku Imarku 7-Inch Kitchen Knife

$31 $24 (24% off)

Cookit 15 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

$50 $28 (45% off)

Imarku Yanagiba Sashimi Knife

$75 $56 (25% off)

Kyoku Daimyo Series Kiritsuke Chef Knife

$97 $76 (22% off)

Shun Cutlery Kanso 8-Inch Kitchen Knife

$115 $92 (20% off)

Chicago Cutlery Malden 16 Piece Knife Block Set

$90 $52 (42% off)

Mac Mighty Mac Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife

$175 $140 (20% off)

Nanfang Brothers Damascus Knife Set

$186 $130 (30% off)