Pull Up a Seat: We’re Hosting Best Bars Week

What makes an Esquire Best Bar? It’s a place you love so much, you just can’t wait to go back. It really is that simple. And with what’s going on in the world, we really can’t wait to go back.

This year, the Best Bars in America have impressed us with their resilience, their commitment to hospitality, and the creative ways they’ve been able to make guests feel like guests, even if there’s not a physical seat at a physical bar.

best bars week event details with remy martin

Join us from October 19th to 23rd as we take a page from their book and serve you wherever you are, with a virtual 5-episode series dedicated to the best of cocktail culture. Follow along as we reveal tricks of the trade and specialty recipes with the master mixologists who are continuing to shape their idea of what makes a best bar. Here’s what’s on the agenda for the full week.

rsvp to the best bars week series with remy martin

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Source : Esquire