The 20 Best Scarves to Protect Your Neck This Fall

I’m not going to lie to you guys: The scarf can be a somewhat tricky stylistic flourish to pull off. Seamlessly adding the accessory to your everyday repertoire will take time and a bit of patience. But if you’re willing to put in the work, your dedication will pay dividends down the line.

See, the scarf is a delicate thing. Successfully nailing the look in a way that doesn’t immediately announce to everyone around you “YO, I’M WEARING A FUCKING SCARF!” calls for a rare blend of studied casualness and a touch—and only a touch—of bold, unbridled confidence. Pay too much attention to the intricacies of your neckwear and you risk looking affected, like the horn-rimmed graduate student who led that Classics seminar you took freshman year (a.k.a., the type of dude your grandmother would’ve considered “dapper”). Pay too little attention to it, though, and your scarf will end up flailing helplessly behind you in the wind or, worse yet, dangling limply around your chest like some sad Little League participation medal.

The secret, then, lies in finding a balance somewhere in between. An intricately patterned version wrapped babushka-like around your head is the preferred look of style mavericks like A$AP Rocky, but if that feels too swerve-y (which, okay, fair), casually drape that thing around your neck and carry on. If function is the primary goal—function? I haven’t heard that name in years!—try a soft cashmere style looped once and knotted securely to defend yourself from the elements (and from anyone mistaking you for the person they’re supposed to meet with to discuss their essay on Ancient Greek literature).

Protect ya neck, gentlemen. It’s really that simple.

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Recycled Cozy Scarf



This fall, why not help the planet out a little and opt for a handsome scarf made out of recycled polyester? (Oh, c’mon. Don’t act like I’m twisting your arm here.)

Classic Fleece Scarf

Snow Peak


Now you never have to be without your favorite fleece. 

Cashmere Checked Scarf



The scarf: still the easiest way to add a much-needed pop of color to your outfits this fall!

Inverness Tartan Wool Scarf



For all things cold and blustery, Barbour knows best. 

Indigo-Dyed Fringed Cotton Scarf

Il Bussetto


When in doubt, go with indigo-dyed everything. 

Wool-Jacquard Scarf

Alex Mill


Plaids and checks tend to get a lot of love around this time of year. Spice things up with a vintage-inspired bandana print instead. 

Solid Cashmere Scarf



As classic as they come. 

Cashmere Scarf



A soft, grade-A cashmere style in the perfect shade of periwinkle blue.  

Recycled Cashmere Scarf



Another recycled option, this time in a soft cashmere of the pioneering, sustainability-minded brand.  

US Rowing Schoolboy Scarf

Rowing Blazers


Hearken back to the halcyon days of your youth spent at an elite boarding school somewhere in a remote corner of the Alps. (Hey, we can all dream, right?)

English Difference Fair Isle Scarf



If you’re a fan of the fair isle sweater (who isn’t?) chances are you’re going to dig the pattern in scarf form, too. 

Cashmere Ribbed Scarf



A cashmere scarf will never, ever let you down.

Fringed Checked Wool-Blend Scarf



Nothing says winter like a little check around your neck. 

Down Muffler



Down-filled for added insulation. 

Canada Fringed Wool Scarf

Acne Studios


While you might not want to dip into full-on Lenny Kravitz territory, going a little oversized is never a bad move. 

Football Scarf

Martine Rose


A cheeky take on a sporty classic, inspired by soccer hooligans around the world. 

Quilted Nylon Scarf

Nicholas Daley + Lavenham


Two British brands team up on an intricately detailed nylon scarf so good I’m legally obligated to include it. 

Lightning Print Scarf



Another very good option from our friends across the pond, this time of team A-Cold-Wall*.

Archival Jumbo Tiger Silk Scarf



A silk scarf A$AP would very much approve of. 

Fringed Paisley-Print Silk-Twill Scarf



Or let a paisley print add a little life to your fall looks. 

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