Justin Bieber Is a Man of Many Beanies

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On Saturday, international pop star and notorious wife guy Justin Bieber jetted in to New York City to prep for his performance on SNL later that evening. If—somehow!—you missed Bieber’s turn as musical guest on the show, rest assured all the hallmarks of his latest career arc were there. Singing with hymnal devotion about God-sanctioned postnuptial banging? Check. A cameo from fellow insufferable wife guy Chance the Rapper? Also, yes. A standout set of fits of the “L.A. kid visits NYC for the weekend and packs a suitcase of fall-ready clothing he’d never wear otherwise” variety? YOU BET, BABY.

At the afterparty, Bieber was snapped rocking the worst possible outfit imaginable if you’re an accident-prone person on your way to enjoying an elaborate spaghetti dinner with a significant other you still care about impressing. (Getty is telling me that the event actually went down at Catch Steak, the scene-y Meatpacking District outpost of the clubby restaurant chain, and the fact that there’s no discernible evidence of wagyu juice splattered up and down Bieber’s body might, in and of itself, be a sign of divine intervention at work.)

In shades of cream so buttery they’re practically melting off of him (plus a very “East Coast, Beast Coast” pair of Vans and an orange beanie from Nike’s IYKYK skateboarding imprint), Bieber looks for all the world like a IRL snowflake: a one-of-a-kind global phenom stepping out in the gussied up take on slouchy, skate rate-inspired style he pulls off better than almost anyone else.

celebrity sightings in new york city october 17, 2020
Same day, different beanie.


FYI: If you’re still not feeling convinced, peep JB’s second certified Big Fit from the very same day, this time featuring a striped rugby shirt open to the goddamn navel and some paint-splattered jeans slowly losing a hard-fought battle to stay tethered to the gentle contours of his waist. On his head? You guessed it, guy. Look me in the eye and tell me there’s someone doing it better right now.

Cuffed Beanie

Nike urbanoutfitters.com


Low Gauge Crewneck Sweater

Uniqlo uniqlo.com


80s Painter Pant

Stan Ray garmentory.com

Mélange Ribbed Cotton-Blend Socks

The Workers Club mrporter.com



Vans zappos.com


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