Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 review: Good value and solid protection

UPDATE: This article was updated on October 21, 2020 to reflect the new capability to detect Windows malware.

It’s not that common to find full-featured security suites for the Mac. Quite often major antivirus makers provide a stripped-down version of their Windows product with notable bells and whistles missing. Not so with Intego’s Mac Premium Bundle X9, a security solution purpose-built for Apple users. This top-tier suite has a variety of solid tools that any Mac user would be happy to use.

But is that enough to recommend this product?

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virusbarrier IDG

Intego’s VirusBarrier. 

Last time we looked at Intego’s security offerings, we felt there were a few weaknesses that just didn’t address modern security needs well enough. Nearly two years later, some of those weaknesses are still there, and a number are gone.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 comes as a collection of security-focused programs, including NetUpdate (definition updates), ContentBarrier (parental controls), NetBarrier (firewall), Personal Backup, VirusBarrier (antivirus), and Washing Machine (duplicate file finder and general file system utility).

That’s quite a package, and the pricing isn’t too terrible. A year of Premium X9 is $70 for a single Mac, while five Macs for a year costs $120. That’s not as good as the big players that offer first-term pricing of $100 for 10 devices. The price for the bigger companies can go up dramatically after that first term, however. Intego told us that the promotional pricing remains at renewal date, meaning the company doesn’t jack up the price after the first term. That’s fantastic.

What about security?

virusbarrieraskwhattodo IDG

VirusBarrier does not quarantine files by default. Instead it asks the user what to do.

The key issue for any premium security bundle is how well it protects computers. Intego’s Mac malware protection is top notch. AV-Test most recently took a look at Intego in March 2020 when it earned a 100 percent detection rate for Mac malware based on 58 samples.

AV-Comparatives most recently looked at Intego’s VirusBarrier in June 2019. That testing house also gave Intego a 100 percent rating against Mac malware based on 585 samples.