TorGuard VPN review: A serviceable VPN

There aren’t that many VPN services that offer multiple packages with different services, but TorGuard from Florida-based Data Protection Services LLC does. In addition to a straightforward VPN service, TorGuard offers a business-grade package, and a streaming bundle. The parent company also offers an encrypted email service called Private-Mail, which is included in TorGuard’s business packages.

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For this review we had access to the regular VPN service. As for the name, the “Tor” in TorGuard has nothing to do with the TOR (The Onion Router) project, and instead refers to “torrents and guarding one’s privacy when using BitTorrent,” as the service explains on its website.

TorGuard: Security, software, servers, and speed

torguard2 IDG

TorGuard with an active VPN connection.

TorGuard doesn’t list its team on its website, but a quick search of LinkedIn shows the CEO is Benjamin Van Pelt, who is based in Orlando.

TorGuard offers WireGuard as one of its protocol options, but good old OpenVPN is still the default. There’s a third option as well, OpenConnect. In addition, TorGuard supports STunnel, L2TP, and IPSec. The latter two aren’t a part of the desktop app for Mac, but they are supported by the servers.

For OpenVPN, TorGuard uses AES-128-GCM as the default for data encryption, though you can choose AES-256-GCM if you like. 

The software offers a single-panel view for a mobile-app look. The key options—including the protocol, authentication, and cipher—have drop-down choices on the main panel.

There’s also a Select Server…button on the top that lets you choose from any of the more than 60 regional locations across TorGuard’s 47 country options. There are filters at the top of the country list to let you choose alphabetically, by proximity to your location, or by relative usage.

There isn’t any direct information about the number of users or capacity of each server, their ping times, or anything like that. The list does, however, indicate any locations that support WireGuard, which is all of them at this point.