iOS 14.2: Apple has made the release candidate available to beta testers

Apple has already released a beta of iOS 14.2, making it available to developers just one day after the public release of iOS 14 and then to public testers just a few days later. In addition to iOS and iPadOS 14.2, Apple made beta versions of tvOS 14.2 and watchOS 7.1 available. 

It appears that iOS 14.1, which Apple appeared to skip past in releasing the 14.2 beta, is intended to support the features of the new iPhone 12. It was released to the public with no public beta test.

Update 10/30/20: Apple has made the release candidate for iOS 14.2 available to beta testers. It’s an odd Friday release, probably due to the annoying “update available” but that recently began plaguing beta testers. If there are no major issues found, the public release will probably follow next week. 

What’s new in iOS 14.2

This is a fairly substantial release, with a host of new features for iPhone users.

  • Control Center gets a new Shazam toggle. You’ll have to add the “Music Recognition” feature to your Control Center in Settings > Control Center first, but then you’re just a swipe and a tap away from having Shazam identify songs in the background. You’ll get notifications when new songs are identified, and it’s easy to add them to Apple Music.
  • There are also new media controls in Control Center, including content suggestions if you expand the “Now Playing” control while nothing is playing.
  • The new emojis previewed earlier in the year are included in iOS and iPadOS 14.2, starting with Beta 2.
  • The Magnifier accessibility feature now has an optional people detection function that can identify people in view and estimate their distance to you. 
  • Adds support for the MagSafe Leather Sleeve
  • Adds optional notifications for excessive headphone volume levels
  • HomePod can be added as the default sound output to Apple TV 4K for stereo and surround sound (including Dolby Atmos)
  • Optimized AirPods battery charging to prolong battery longevity
  • Eight new wallpapers with both light and dark mode versions

In addition to those new features, iOS 14.2 fixes a host of small but annoying bugs. 

How to get the iOS 14.2 beta

If you’re a registered developer, you can go to the Apple developer downloads page on the device upon which you wish to install the beta and download the beta profile from there. You can also download restore images.

If you’re not a developer, you’ll be able to get a profile for the public beta test by going to using the device upon which you wish to run the beta. After downloading the profile, open Settings, then tap General, and scroll down to tap on Profile. You can select and activate the beta profile there.

You’ll have to restart your iPhone to activate the profile. Then you can get new versions of the beta, when available, but opening Settings and selecting General and then Software Update.