The 15 Coolest New Menswear Picks to Scoop This Week

Another day, another dollar. Another week, another…whatever, man. It’s all the same. Time doesn’t mean anything anymore, and the work week is but another long blur of fatigue bookended by weekends that are never long enough.

But even by typical standards this week was a busy one, folks. And I don’t mean for me personally. A whole lot of heat hit the digital (and physical!) shelves these past few days, including big-name collaborations aplenty and some damn-near historic releases that’ll go down in the books as instant classics.

And lucky for you. Because that means this week there’s bound to be something for everyone. Dark, minimal clothing of the sort favored by the fashion fans who worship at the altar of designers like Helmut Lang and his likeminded contemporaries? Hell yes. (And from a small, up-and-coming brand called Nike, of all places). Retro-inspired knitwear from a few different labels, all operating at the peak of their creative powers? Psssh. Say less, king. We got that, too.

So go ahead. Scoop yourself something nice. Because we made it through another week, and believe you me: these days, that’s always worth celebrating.

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40th Anniversary Tee



The red-hot West Coast skate brand celebrates a big anniversary with an appropriately big (and very good) tee.  

Issa Sweatshirt



We’re cheating slightly here, because this piece, a collaboration between O.N.S. and Post Imperial’s Niyi Okuboyejo, initially dropped a few years ago. If you missed out the first time, select styles are now once again available to cop via the former’s ongoing garage sale. 

Converse x Denim Tears Chuck 70



Tremaine Emory’s latest collaborative effort is worth investing in. 

Cropped Chore Jacket



A truly timeless chore coat in a truly timeless shade of blue. 

Fisherman’s Cardigan



The cardigan so good we had to endorse it. 

Script Sweater



If you have’t heard already, the twin titans of classic Americana are teaming up on a collection that combines what the two do best, and it’s sort of a big deal. Shop now or forever hold that L. 

Unbalanced Windcheater Pants

New Balance x Aries


New Balance’s collaboration with British label Aries boasts a couple of already-sold out sneakers we’ve been raving about for weeks, and a dueling duo of tracksuits that are somehow still in stock. 

Harrison Cord Jacket

Saturdays NYC


The ideal piece to help you truly, fully embrace lightweight outerwear season. 

Albini Prince of Wales Cardigan



A cotton-corduroy cardigan of the newly-launched label from Angelo Urrutia, a Nepenthes alum who’s name you should remember. 

Wild Idea Work Boots



Boots made from humanely raised Buffalo leather. (Yes, really.) 

ESC Shirt Jacket



Nike Every Stitch Considered, the Swoosh’s newest line of clothing, combines the sort of technical precision the brand is famous for with a minimal, almost austere aesthetic that would look right at home hanging in the closet of even the most devoted fashion fanatic. 

Jacquard Cardigan

Woolrich x Aimé Leon Dore


ALD returns to Woolrich to imbue the latter’s cold-weather staples with the former’s signature penchant for retro-inspired designs. 

Cargo Pant



A pioneer of bundled shopping debuts a permanent collection chock full of the type of pieces that made the brand a mainstay of cool-kid scenes around the world. 

Hooded Down Coat

Acne Studios


Even as we find ourselves in peak lightweight outerwear season, it’s always important to remember: puffer weather rapidly approaches. 

Double-Breasted Camel Suit Jacket



Have mercy, sir! Have mercy. 

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Avidan Grossman is the Style eCommerce Editor at Esquire, covering men’s fashion, shoes, grooming, and accessories.

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