Person shot a second time as they writhe on floor in Vienna footage

Footage from a suspected terror attack in Vienna shows an armed attacker shooting someone and running down a street, before moments later the same person is shot again as they writhe on the floor.
In as yet unconfirmed video of the incident in the Austrian capital, an apparent attacker is seen firing a weapon at a darkly-dressed individual.

They then run down a cobbled street, before either the same person or a similarly-dressed person runs back towards the prone individual and shoots them again with what appears to be a handgun.
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Image: Heavily armed police stand outside the Vienna State Opera following shots fired in the city centre
The same footage then sees armed officers arrive at the scene where the person is lying.


One officer points his gun down the street from a shop doorway, while another crouches over the person’s body and another appears to speak into a walkie-talkie.

In other unconfirmed video footage of what could be the same incident, a person dressed similarly to the attacker in the first video moves out their arm before gunshots are heard.

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They then run down a cobbled street and a single person’s shouts are heard.
Several people and a police officer are among the injured following a suspected terror attack carried out by multiple suspects near a synagogue.
Latest reports suggests seven people have been killed, with one suspect said to have been arrested.

Source : Sky News