See how many votes are still left to count as some US states go down to wire

When a global pandemic led to postal votes becoming the backbone of this presidential election no-one could truly imagine just how key they would be.
With nine states still to declare a winner, the uncounted votes in each could really make the difference between a Trump or Biden White House.

This table shows the amount of votes left in each still to be counted – and in some instances the margins are crucial.

In Pennsylvania – always touted as the state that might alone clinch the result for one candidate or the other – statistics show that Donald Trump has a current lead of around half a million votes.
However, in spite of there only being about 20% of votes left to count, these tally up to a total of more than 1.4 million which leaves a good chance for Joe Biden to flip the state.


And with 20 electoral college votes up for grabs, the ballots left as yet unopened or still sitting in post boxes, really could make a difference there, as well as to the final total.

The scope for a result change in these crucial uncounted ballots is huge.

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Crucial swing states Mr Biden hoped to flip like Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin have gone down to the wire, remaining too close to call.
And others he wanted to turn blue – Michigan and Pennsylvania – face severe reporting delays.
Biden’s campaign said they expected to win Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania, out of those states where a result has still yet to be found.

Source : Sky News