Drawstring Pants Are the WFH Essential You’ll Be Able to Wear Back to the Office, Too

Hold up, guys. Is it really necessary to go through the whole rigmarole here? Listen, I know over the course of the last half year or so we’ve touted more than a few things as essential WFH wardrobe purchases. So if my credibility is a bit shot around these parts, that’s cool. I get it. But I think I finally found it. No, seriously. I’ve found the one garment specifically engineered to thrive in this very peculiar moment, like those weirdly adaptive microbes you watched an hour-long documentary about after you got way too high last weekend and convinced yourself you transmogrified into a literal piece of furniture in some lame Raymour & Flanigan-sponsored remake of Freaky Friday.

So pardon me if I don’t want to waste my time—yet again—convincing you ungrateful schmucks to wear something other than sweatpants for once. Because, frankly, the drawstring trouser should sell itself. C’mon. It’s got all the glorious elasticated comfort of your favorite sweatpants combined with all the sex appeal of your sharpest dress pants. It’s exactly like wearing sweatpants, sans any of the stigma and with the added veneer—and let’s be clear: it’s a thin veneer, indeed—of professionalism automatically afforded to you by choosing to wear trousers that aren’t made entirely out of fleece. What’s not to get?!

So don’t be the dude that stands up halfway through the conference call before remembering he forgot to put on pants. Instead, roll out of bed and groggily hit that morning bong rip wearing a pair of big-boy pants so comfortable even the futon version of yourself would happily endorse ’em.

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Stripe Drawstring Pants

Uniqlo x JW Anderson uniqlo.com


The drawstrings may be hidden on these soft, cotton flannel pants— of the Japanese retailer’s latest team-up with Jonathan Anderson—but rest assured, they’re definitely there. 

Plaid Jogger Waist Pants

ZARA zara.com


A pattern you thought you said goodbye to forever once again rears its—handsome!—head. 

Air Chino Drawstring Pants

Everlane everlane.com


Chinos you’ll actually want to wear. (I swear.)

Whyatt Pinstripe Drawstring Pants

TOPMAN nordstrom.com


Gordon Gekko could never. 

Cropped Pull-On Taper Trousers

Levi’s ssense.com


Levi’s: now making your favorite pair of trousers, too. 

Cotton Jogging Pants

COS cosstores.com


Cotton jersey pants made for jogging—and just about everything else you tell yourself you’ll get around to doing one day. 

Multicolor Patchwork Beach Pants

Stüssy ssense.com


Beach pants you should wear absolutely everywhere but the beach.  

Indigo-Dyed Denim Drawstring Trousers

Saturdays NYC mrporter.com


Give yourself the gift of feeling like you just undid the top button on the best pair of jeans in your arsenal—all day long. 

Cord Drawstring Trousers

Oliver Spencer endclothing.com


Soft, cotton-blend corduroy trousers with a smidge of added elastane to help the whole thing go down real smooth. 

Ames Drawstring Trousers

Suitsupply suitsupply.com


The drawstring trousers so good we’ve been trying to get you to buy ’em since the summer. 

Black Overlay Trousers

A-Cold-Wall* ssense.com


The pants you wear when you need to go foraging for provisions in the post-apocalyptic future, but, like, still want to be comfortable while you do it. 

Cotton-Twill Drawstring Trousers

4SDesigns mrporter.com


Double the drawstrings means double the fun. 

Perkino Drawstring Waist Pants

Dries Van Noten nordstrom.com


Trust me on this one: Dries wouldn’t steer you wrong. He’d never do you like that. 

Velvet Cowboy Trousers

Needles ssense.com


You know you’re doing something right when a concealed drawstring is, like, the least interesting part of your very, very good velvet (!) cowboy (?!) trousers. 

Black Pullcord Trousers

Nicholas Daley ssense.com


Drawstrings not enough for you? Nicholas Daley finished off his pullcord trousers with sleek gold-tone D-ring detailing for a little bit of an added flourish. 

Drawstring Slim Crepe Pants

RICK OWENS nordstrom.com


Even after all these years, no one cuts a pair of pants like the reigning Dark Lord of fashion. 

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