7 Holiday Gifts That’ll Have Your Whole Family Covered

Holiday shopping can be a drag, but giving great gifts is the ultimate family flex. So, do it up this season with some solid picks. For your amazing wife? Diamonds. No question. You might even go the lab-grown route because, real talk, they sparkle like no other. For your kids? My guy, those gifts had better be tech-related: iPhone accessories and sick speakers will undoubtedly be met with gratitude. Your aunt? Treat her to an elegant little something from the parfumerie (that’s fancy speak for the perfume store). Then there are the parents—bougie beauty products are indeed the way to mom’s heart, and for pops, we’ve got a handsome little gadget for him, too. Cool. So, let’s get to it? Ahead, seven perfect gifts for your entire family. Thank us anytime for the legwork.

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Lightbox 1ct. Princess 14k Gold Pendant lightboxjewelry.com

No doubt, you’ve got to give it up for your wife. There’s nothing like an ultra-sparkly lab-grown diamond pendant to prove your enduring love and adoration. 


Bose Bass Module 700 Speaker nordstrom.com

A sick speaker is the gift to totally stoke your son. He’ll act chill, but trust, he’ll be losing his mind after unwrapping this bad boy. 


Fendi iPhone 11 Case netaporter.com

Hey, guy. Don’t blame us for your daughter’s designer taste. Lean in, and spoil her with this iPhone 11 Fendi case because obviously, she already upgraded. 


Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Black Orchid Cure nordstrom.com

Mom. Where would you be without her? This masterpiece of luxury beauty treatment is sure to impress the queen herself. Plus, it’s a four-week system—we’d say that’s way better than a spa day. 


Wolf Axis Single Watch Winder mrporter.com

Your old man’s always looking out. Do him one better with this tricked out watch winder with an LCD display.


Tom Ford White Suede Eau de Parfum nordstrom.com

You’ve got to love your aunt for her eccentric clothes and unique taste in, well, pretty much everything. What better gift than a warm and spicy scent from the king himself, Mr. Tom Ford? 


Frame Cashmere Sweater nordstrom.com

Your uncle? He’s chill. This cashmere sweater will keep his style fly (because he cares about that stuff, right?).  

Laura Lajiness is a freelance writer and editor covering fashion, accessories, and fine jewelry (she pens the occasional beauty conundrum and travel essay, too).

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Source : Esquire