7 Versatile Essentials for Men On the Go

The contemporary man has a busy agenda, and he needs a wardrobe that’s versatile enough to adapt to every item on it. Look no further than SEASE, a lifestyle brand that blurs the lines between urban attire and activewear. SEASE pieces are designed to handle the outdoors, but also to stand out in a city; to translate from office wear to loungewear, and from the bustle of a metropolis to the rugged quiet of nature.

Today’s man is also conscious about the environment, and so is SEASE: sustainable, natural, and organic fibers like wool, cashmere, linen, and hemp form the basis of the brand’s garments. Even the sturdier materials used, such as goose insulation, nylon, and polyester, are recyclable. SEASE creates each garment with an eco-responsible approach, using an Italian-based supply chain that is designed to achieve a reduced environmental impact. Take a look at some of the standout new SEASE pieces and get to adventuring.

High Pressure Spray Top

This 3-layer shell ($1,285) protects you whether you’re battling the elements of an urban landscape, or enjoying some rest and relaxation in an ocean or mountain setting. Inspired by sailing attire, it features neoprene and Solaro wool, a textile that looks as sharp on the upper deck as it does under a blazer.

Armada Jacket

sease armada jacket

This insulated topper ($2,298) is ideal for cold winters, with a Solaro wool and cashmere base that’s been waterproofed. It’s a sport coat that’s suitable for the slopes, but once you are done with skiing, just detach the snow skirt and hood to take it indoors.


sease blazer

Designed to pair the sophistication of a blazer with the comfort of a sweatshirt, this jacket delivers the hint of formality you need for the office or a virtual meeting. Honoring sartorial tradition with a double-breasted closure and peak lapels, the C-Blazer ($1,260) comes in a variety of wool and cashmere jersey patterns, from traditional pinstripe to herringbone.

Predator Vest

sease predator vest

Ideal under a shell, a blazer or a sport coat, this mid-layer garment ($998) is made with innovative recycled goose down, that makes it light yet extremely warm. Stretch nylon along the side provides greater freedom of movement, and because the piece is sleek and bulk-free, it’s easy to carry or stash in a suitcase.

Gate Padded Overshirt

sease gate padded overshirt

A cross-seasonal staple made with stretch nylon and recycled goose down, this jacket ($920) works as an intermediate layer on a frigid winter day, or as a minimal topper between seasons. A natural complement to sweatpants, the overshirt is a comfortable go-to for the guy who’s always on the move.

Drone Hood

sease drone hood

A fresh spin on the classic hoodie with an unexpected material in its signature cashmere. Available in monochrome or plaid versions, the Drone Hood ($898) strikes a balance between casual and sophisticated, while an integrated neck warmer protects you from winter winds.

Adventures Wardrobe

sease adventures wardrobe

Every escapade is made a little easier with a backpack. Functional and foldable, this bag ($595) has a mammoth nine-gallon capacity (translation: room for all your on-the-go essentials).

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Source : Esquire