Selena’s brother approves of Christian Serratos’ portrayal of her

Speaking to TMZ, A.B. Quintanilla dismissed some of the complaints about the “Walking Dead” star’s portrayal of his sister in the new Netflix show.
“You have people that will critique something that say ‘Her lip syncing was off,’ ” he said. “Well, that was done on purpose because Selena’s lip syncing was also a learning process.”
The 23-year-old Grammy-winning singer — who performed under just her first name — was poised for crossover success when she was fatally shot in 1995 by her fan club president and friend Yolanda Saldívar.
The series was made in cooperation with the late singer’s family, who serve as executive producers.
Her brother noted that there were also complaints about Jennifer Lopez portraying his sister in the 1997 “Selena” film, something he also dismissed.
Quintanilla said he felt like he was watching Selena with Serratos’ performance and had some thoughts on what his sister may have felt.
“If Selena could have seen this series I think … she would be ecstatic and as happy as I am and my whole family,” he said.

Source : Cnn