10 Best LLC Services – Top LLC Formation Services 2021

Starting a business group like a C corp is a good idea if you have a business model and plan that can grow exponentially. However, a C corp might not be a good idea when starting out as it doesn’t give you tax benefits similar to how an LLC does it.  Starting an LLC and hiring the best LLC service out there might be a better idea as it’s more appealing to startups and it brings you tons of benefits as well.

Keeping this in mind, Astronet started looking for the top LLC formation services on the market, and luckily for you we’ve already put together a list of 10 of them. These services listed below are considered the best in the market with their reasonable rates, amazing packages, and reliable registered agent services.

Top 10 Best LLC Service

1. IncFile

2. ZenBusiness

3. Northwest Registered Agent

4. Inc Authority

5. Harbor Compliance

6. MyCompanyWorks

7. Swyft Filings

8. LegalZoom

9. Rocket Lawyer

10. BizFilings

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10 Best LLC Service Companies in 2020

1. ZenBusiness

10 Best LLC 1


●      Worry-free compliance

●      Reasonable rates

●      Ensures customer satisfaction


●      They are relatively new to the business

●      Lackluster website

Visit Zenbussiness to buy their service

If you’re looking for a business that delivers quality registered agent service and helps you deliver a reasonable operating agreement, then you’ve found it with ZenBusiness. The company is fairly new compared to other LLC formation services but it’s now being considered as one of the most reliable LLC business formation companies on the market.

This is all due to the company’s ability to deliver and provide quality services to its buyers. Speaking of service, ZenBusiness has a reliable customer support team as well that does their best to answer your questions and concerns.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the business entity is so popular is because of its affordable prices. They offer 3 payment options namely their standard package, pro package, and premium package.

Their lowest plan offers a lot of value since at only $49 per year plus state expenses, they will handle all the basic things you need for your LLC business including an operating agreement, business formation service, and even a registered agent to help your business grow.

The only downside to the company is that they are fairly new to the business as well as their underwhelming website. Objectively, their website does its job well and shows potential customers the information they need. However, it simply lacks aesthetics which might put some customers off.

2. IncFile

10 Best LLC 2


●      Reasonable rates

●      Full-year registered agent services

●      Reliable customer support


●      Slow customer support response

Visit Incfile to buy their service

If you want a company that excels at LLC formation and incorporation, then you might be interested in IncFile. Founded in 2004 in Houston, Texas this company has over 15 years of experience when it comes to business formation services.

Their customer service is reliable and they have reasonable rates as well. Their lowest package, the silver one only charges for the state fee which makes it a good option if your state charges less for LLCs.

The silver package also offers a year of free registered agent services and even a free 30-minute business tax consultation that pumps up its value even more. Higher packages offer a lot more like expedited document filing for faster turnaround and even an employer identification number (EIN) which gives added security.

Overall, IncFile has been in business for a long time which makes them very trustworthy considering they have an amazing track record for over 15+ years.

3. Northwest Registered Agent

10 Best LLC 3


●      Tons of legal services

●      Registered agent service in every state

●      Reliable incorporation service

●      Impressive online LLC services


●      A little expensive

Visit Northwest Registered Agent to buy their service

When it comes to incorporation services, people need a company they can rely on to handle complicated paperwork so that they don’t have to. Northwest Registered Agent is a good example of this since it can get things done in every state and it is considered as one of the best rated online LLC formation service in the market.

Their website alone speaks volumes on how good they are as an LLC service. They have a map of the United States that allows you to click the specific state that you are on giving you details on how to register per state.

This LLC service company also gives you free legal documents you can review online so you can study for yourself, which is very convenient. The company also offers a lot of additional services as well like helping you get an employer identification number, getting a Certificate of Good Standing, Annual Report Filing Service, State Filing Fees, and so much more!

4. Inc Authority

10 Best LLC 4


●      Free LLC service

●      Free registered agent services

●      Good Customer feedback


●      Lots of upselling

Visit Inc Authority to buy their service

Inc Authority is probably a formation company that offers its LLC formation services for free. It’s a little crazy to think that a company would do this or free considering all the effort it takes to form an LLC.

However, the company’s idea is to help you startup for free while earning your trust so that you’ll be a customer for life. It’s honestly not a bad idea and we can see why it’s considered as one of the best LLC formation companies in the market.

You have to take note that you still have to spend money when availing of their filing service, this is because you still have to pay the state fee regardless, so it’s not like you won’t be spending a dime with Inc Authority.

One downside to the company is its upselling. Sure, it’s considered as one of the top LLC formation services thanks to being free, but they hook you with constant upgrades and add ons. If you aren’t aware enough, you might be spending more money than you intended with all of their upgrade options, so it’s best you watch out for this.

5. LegalZoom

10 Best LLC 5


●      Experienced attorneys

●      Reasonable business formation packages

●      Good business structure


●      Underwhelming customer support

Visit Legal Zoom to buy their service

LegalZoom is one of the most famous formations and incorporation services on this list. The reason for that is that it isn’t just focused on company formation services but also on legal advice as well.

LegalZoom gives its customers the opportunity to hire the best lawyers for the job as well as giving them the proper legal knowledge they need to navigate through the tricky world of laws and corporations.

Asides from the extra services, LegalZoom offers amazing company formation service with their reasonable prices and 60-day satisfaction guarantee.  They even have subscription packages that drastically reduce the price of their services.

Being a big company, their agent service isn’t 100% good all of the time. Some customers complain about lazy and inconsistent agents while others rate their agents 5 stars for their quality service. So keep this in mind when availing of the services of LegalZoom.

6. Rocket Lawyer

10 Best LLC 6


●      Amazing subscription discounts

●      Reliable registered agent service

●      Offers attorney services


●      Expensive if not a subscriber

Visit Rocket Lawyer to buy their service

If you aren’t a fan of LegalZoom’s inconsistent agent services and delays in customer support, then you might want to try out Rocket Lawyer. It offers the same services, but it has better customer ratings from review websites like Trustpilot.

Perhaps what truly makes it a viable option for a lot of people is its subscription discounts. The rates for their services alone are very expensive costing about $49.99 for asking legal questions from a lawyer.

Now if you are subscribed to Rocket Lawyer, then you’ll be saving a lot of money. Legal questions and consultations are free as well as legal documents. Subscribers can also benefit from the discounted prices for their registered agent service and they even offer free incorporation filing for first-timers.

Overall, Rocket Lawyer offers amazing business formation services and discounted prices to their subscribers which is both good and bad for the customer depending on whether they are subscribed to the company or not.

7. MyCompanyWorks

10 Best LLC 7


●      Fast turnaround times

●      Consistent filing service

●      Reasonable basic package


●      Registered agent service only available at more expensive packages

Visit MyCompanyWorks to buy their service

MyCompanyWorks is the best LLC service on this list when it comes to getting things done quickly. The company is known for filing and handling your paperwork on the same day or the next depending on the circumstances.

This ensures that they have a quicker turnaround time compared to a lot of their competitors. The same can be said for their customer services representatives as well since they are able to respond quickly to a lot of your concerns and it takes them usually a day to do so.  Asides from this, MyCompanyWorks provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers which shows their confidence as a business formation service.

When it comes to price, their basic package only costs $79 plus the state fee which is pretty cheap. This gives you access to features like online order tracking, personalized LLC operating agreement, and so much more.

Sadly, their registered agent service is only available at their most expensive package which costs around $279 which is quite a huge gap in terms of price.

Overall, MyCompanyWorks is a good choice if you’re looking for faster turnaround times and reliable customer service. It might lack a registered agent service at the basic price, but it does make up for this weakness by being quick to deliver.

8. Swyft Filings

10 Best LLC 8


●      Amazing Value

●      Money-saving payment options

●      Comes with 1-year free web domain


●      No free registered agent service in packages

Visit Swyft Filings Agent to buy their service

Starting an LLC is costly as you will have to pay for legal services, formation services, state fees, and so much more. Swyft Filings understands the plight of people who are just starting up which is why they aim to make their services as affordable as possible.

Along with Zenbusiness, Swyft Filings offers the cheapest packages on this list with their cheapest LLC formation package only costing about $49 along with a state fee. This basic package holds tons of value as it gives tax consultation and a 1-year domain name for your business. If you need more services, their $149 package offers an LLC Operating Agreement as well as a federal tax ID number.

The only bad thing we can think of this company is their registered agent service. It isn’t included on any of their packaging which means that they are an additional cost for you to bear.

9. BizFilings

10 Best LLC 9


●      Very experienced company

●      Good business structure

●      Online compliance tool


●      Lacks value on their packages

Visit BizFilings to buy their service

BizFilings has been in the business for a long time making it one of the oldest LLC services on this list. Despite this, they are still able to keep up with modern-day LLC services which is a testament to the quality of their service.

The company offers 6 months of registered agent service, an operating agreement, and an online compliance tool called BizComply Tool. BizComply Tool is pretty useful as it helps you keep track of rules, regulations, and deadlines.

10. InCorp

10 Best LLC 10


●      Reliable company formation service

●      Reasonable rates

●      Good customer feedback


●      Bad website

Visit InCorp to buy their service

InCorp is another company that competes with Swyft Filings and Zenbusiness when it comes to value.

You can start an LLC for a price as low as $67 and although this isn’t as good as Zenbusiness’s rates, InCorp rates when it comes to registered agents are on another level. Registered agents at InCorp can cost as low as $67 per year which is in a league of its own.

Asides from this, the company offers additional services with their packages like getting you an Employer Identification Number (EIN), Certificates of Good Standing, IRS tax forms, and many more.

Overall, InCorp is a pretty solid company with a lot to offer. We just wish that we could say the same for their website. It’s hard to navigate and get information from the site itself which is a big turnoff for us and potential customers as well.

How to Choose an LLC Service

Now that you have a general idea of what the best LLC services on the market can offer, it’s time you understand the things you need to keep in mind when choosing any of the LLC services listed above.

1. Price

Just like with any product, one of the most important things to check out first is the price tag. Is the service affordable for you? Will choosing this LLC formation service deprive me of my basic needs?

Make sure that the price of the service is within your means. And with this in mind, we recommend cheap but reliable LLC formation services like ZenBusiness, InCorp, and Swyft Filings.

2. Value

Another thing that people often overlook when looking at the rates is the overall value that the company offers. Some companies that help you form an LLC often feature package deals, subscriptions, and legal advice as a form of service.

The price might be a little higher compared to your standard LLC formation service, but it might help you save money in the long run. A good example of this is Rocket Lawyer, LegalZoom, and Inc Authority.

Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom offer legal services as an added benefit while Inc Authority will help you form an LLC for free while upselling you to other services. Taking advantage of the added value that these companies provide will be beneficial in the long run, so don’t just at the price tags because you might be missing out on a lot of beneficial deals in the process.

3. Turnaround Time

Speed is one of the key components of a successful business. The sooner you can form an LLC, the faster you can make money.  This is why you need to avail the help of the best LLC services out there.

The one that stands out the most when it comes to speed is MyCompanyWorks as they are known to handle your paperwork on the same day or the day after.

4. Company Reputation

You’ll be spending a lot of money by availing of their LLC services, a little digging about the company’s past and reputation is a must if you want to ensure that you’re getting a good deal.

You can also look at their main website to find out more about them but if you want to know how good they are objectively then we don’t recommend it since they’ll obviously do their best to praise themselves.

Instead, we suggest looking at review sites like Trustpilot and BestLLCServices is a good idea if you want to check out their ratings. Looking at customer reviews from other websites as well will help paint you a better picture of how effective their services are.

Additionally, you can tell a lot about a company just from their website alone. If their website is clunky and efficient, it shows that they aren’t even willing to invest to make it easier for their customers, which could be a sign that they won’t put a lot of effort into helping you out.

5. Customer Support

Last but not least we have customer support. A company that focuses on business formation services that fail to answer your questions or concerns is a bad sign. They are showing that they care little about you and they aren’t invested in solving your problems.

Responsive customer support is a must if you’re planning to start an LLC since it can be very confusing at first and it requires a lot of guidance.

What is an LLC?

According to Cornell University, An LLC or limited liability company is a business organization that has the tax benefit of a partnership and the limited liability that comes with a corporation.  Members of an LLC are governed by an operating agreement that outlines your business organization’s provisions, rules, regulations, and financial decisions.

Reasons to Use LLC Services

Forming an LLC will give you a lot of benefits since it separated the individual from the business. You’ll have benefits such as tax advantages, avoiding personal liability and debts of the business, as well as saving you from legal issues such as being sued.

This is all very appealing, however, forming an LLC can be complicated and time-consuming with all the paperwork and bureaucracy. Having a company that specializes in LLC formations can save you a lot of trouble since you’ll have to handle a lot of things like operating agreements, getting a federal tax id number, articles of organization, and so much more!

How LLC Services Work

LLC services work by doing the complicated and bureaucratic part of the process for you. They are essentially doing the dirty work of submitting the applications and waiting in line. These companies might charge a large sum of money, but it does help save you time and prevents unneeded stress from doing the complicated paperwork yourself.

And considering that different states have different rules for LLCs, it best to leave it to the company that knows what they are doing. Hiring an LLC service also gives you tons of other benefits like tax consultation and easy filing of articles that not only saves time but money as well.

How To Create An LLC?

Although LLC formation varies from state to state and has tons of complicated processes, it can be simplified into 5 easy steps.

LLC Formation Steps

1. Naming the LLC

The first and simplest step in forming an LLC is naming it yourself. It might seem easy but you have to take into account that the name fits with the state’s law as well as not being taken by another business. Your LLC service can make this easier by doing the research for you. 2. Hiring a Registered Agent

2. Hiring a Registered Agent

You need a registered agent around to receive state and legal notices. Finding one yourself can be expensive and time-consuming. The best LLC services will provide you with a registered agent that is good at their jobs which is why it’s highly recommended by a lot of people to avail of their services.

3. FIling your Articles of Organization

In order to be an official LLC, you’ll have to file articles of organization for your business. The paperwork for this can be really tedious which again can be solved by hiring an LLC formation service like ZenBusiness or Rocket Lawyer.

4. Creating an Operating Agreement

As stated before, an operating agreement is needed for your LLC to help identify its rules, regulations, and financial decisions. Making one can be very exhausting but luckily for you many LLC business formation companies have tons of templates for making this which is very helpful.

5. Get your Tax ID Number (EIN)

An Individual and businesses alike need to deal with the government and the same can be said for your LLC. Getting an EIN can help you form bank accounts, hire employees, and get financers for your business.


LLCs are a good choice for people who want to take advantage of the numerous benefits that they offer. Sadly it’s tiring and time-consuming to form an LLC by yourself which is why a lot of people hire the best LLC services online to do it for them.

The best LLC service should be affordable, provide value, and make things easier for you and your upcoming business.  We highly recommend companies like ZenBusiness, Rocket Lawyer, Northwest Registered Agent, and other ones on our list if you’re looking to run a successful LLC business.


Q: What is an LLC

A: An LLC or limited liability company is a business organization that gives you multiple benefits like tax benefits and less liability for your company’s mistakes.

Q: What is a C Corp?

A: A C Corp is a type of corporation that has unlimited growth potential. However, this comes at some liabilities like double taxation which makes it a bad option if you’re just starting up.

Q: What is an S Corp?

A: An S Corp is a form of tax classification. So it can’t be better than an LLC since they can’t be compared to business organizations in the first place.

Q: What additional services should I look out for when choosing an LLC service? A: You should take advantage of free registered agent service as well as packages that help you save money per year.

Q: Can I trust customer reviews and customer feedback?

A: All products should have a lot of customer reviews to determine if they’re good or not. Customer reviews might be subjective but it can give you better insights on how a company’s formation and incorporation services work.

Q: Are articles of organization hard to fill up?

A: It depends on your experience with filing paperwork. A service that specializes in company formation will usually do a better job than a first-timer.

Q: Do state fees vary from state to state?

A: Yes. State fees are different in every state which makes choosing a state important if you want to save money.

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