Australian beach’s giant Christmas card message for Britain

An Australian beach has taken the form of a 70×40 metre Christmas card, with a heartfelt message addressed to British people.
Etched in sand, it reads “We will meet again” – the same words spoken by the Queen in her national address to the UK in early April, days after the country entered its first COVID-19 lockdown.

The message on Raafs beach near Geelong, Victoria was directed at those in both countries who are unable to travel to the other to visit family and friends during the pandemic.

Image: The sand message echoes the Queen’s reference earlier this year to Dame Vera Lynn’s famous song We’ll Meet Again
The sand artist – enigmatically only known as Edward, or ‘the Banksy of Barrow Head’ – created the artwork in collaboration with Tourism Australia.
The words in the sand reference the famous 1939 song “We’ll Meet Again” by Dame Vera Lynn – that spoke of British resilience during times of national crisis.


Tourism Australia managing director Phillipa Harrison said the art “beautifully captures” how there are still other ways to re-connect with loved ones, despite travel restrictions.

Image: Tourism Australia’s managing director Phillipa Harrison said the art signifies the ‘separation is only temporary’
She said: “Edward’s artwork beautifully captures what all Australians are feeling right now – that so many of us miss our families and friends in the UK and all around the world.

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“But like the message in the sand, our separation is only temporary, and we are very much looking forward to the moment when we can welcome our extended family and friends in the UK to Australia once again in the future.”
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, December last year saw 118,500 visitors to Australia from the UK – with the Aussie summer typically attracting visits from British friends and family over the warm New Year period.

Source : Sky News