The 14 Best Waist Bags Right Now Don’t Actually Need to Be Worn Around Your Waist

The waist bag might go by many names, but, in the bard’s immortal words, a waist bag by any other name would smell as sweet—or, ah, store your shit as effectively. So call it what you want (though for god’s sake, try to refrain from calling it a fanny pack) as long as you wear it the right way. You can, of course, strap it around your midsection like a recently divorced dad on vacation with his two obviously miserable children (who are really trying to make this whole thing work, by the way). But why not try slinging one over your shoulder—or, hell, across your chest—like the cool kids are wont to do? Live a little, man!

It’s all your call. Forget the world: the waist is your oyster. But if you want to avoid looking like a plucky middle-aged tourist (not so hot right now) you better make sure you snag yourself a good one. Luckily for you, your concerns are our concerns, and we wouldn’t lead a single solitary reader of this site astray, forcing you to, say, wander aimlessly around the Duomo while the locals mock you in rapid-fire Italian and gesticulate wildly at your poor choice of accessories. So with your dignity in mind, here are 14 can’t-miss waist bag options to help you sidestep those snickers and finally convince your loved ones—if not the gently condescending docent at the Parthenon—you are, in fact, the hip dad/son/brother you’ve been making yourself out to be for years.

Who’ll have the last laugh now, suckers?!

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Lumbar Belt Bag

The North Face


Classic, outdoorsy design  of a brand that knows a thing or two about classic, outdoorsy design. 

Polo Sport Waist Pack

Polo Ralph Lauren


It is Ralph, though. 

Eighteen Hip Pack

Herschel Supply Co.


In belt bags (as in life, really) the more pockets the merrier. Reach for this guy when you’ve got a good bit of stuff to schlep around, but not so much that you want to bother with a backpack. 

Subalpine Belt Bag

Topo Designs


For when you want to make a statement: a bold belt bag that unapologetically announces its presence, wherever you go. 

Mantis 2 Belt Bag



An ultra-durable belt bag ready-made for heading out on a short trip to the grocery store or a long, post-vaccine tour around the world.  

Karst Belt Bag

Nike ACG


The right amount of retro. 

Heather Waist Bag

And Wander


If you prefer your belt bags on the subtler side, And Wander’s typically pared-down style offers technical prowess in spades—sans any splashy graphics or gratuitous patterns. 

Corduroy Belt Bag

Carharrt WIP


A hard-wearing bag from a brand that made a name for itself crafting hard-wearing, well…everything.

Webbing-Trimmed ECONYL Belt Bag



When you just need the take the bare necessities (but don’t want to overstuff your pockets) grab this streamlined style from Japanese brand Indispensable. 

X-Pac Nylon Belt Bag

Snow Peak


For the low-key adventurers: a belt bag so sleek you can barely tell it’s there. 

Mission Statement Waist Bag



Like your belt bags with a little light reading on the side? This guy’s for you. 

S Waist Bag

Porter-Yoshida & Co.


Sure, Porter’s stuff doesn’t come cheap, but the brand’s world-class selection of bags is consistently really, really well-made—they’re designed to last a lifetime, after all. 

Waist Pack

Heron Preston


Slightly bigger than your average belt bag (and a touch more grown-up looking, too.)

Intrecciato Leather Belt Bag



A bona fide it-bag, now in belt-friendly form. 

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