Nine injured after bendy bus plunges 49ft off bridge and into New York underpass

At least nine people were left needing hospital treatment after a bus fell 15m (49ft) off a bridge and into an underpass in New York.
The articulated passenger transport – like a bendy bus – crashed at about 11pm local time on Thursday.

The nine people rescued suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY), with the driver believed to be among them.

Image: The bus plunged 15m down into an underpass
Photos from the scene showed the blue bus with its front half broken through a railing and touching the tarmac below.
The back end of the vehicle is seen stationary on the level above, with the two ends held together by the torn articulation.


Image: Nine people were left injured after the crash
In a video from the crash, which happened in the Bronx, people can be heard saying the scene was “like in a movie”.

Superheroes like Spiderman have often been seen stopping public transport from plunging to the roads below in New York.

Image: The incident happened around 11pm local time
A spokesman from the police said the bus driver was “unable to navigate the roadway and went off the road”.

Image: Witnesses said that it was like something from a film
FDNY deputy chief Paul Hopper, who oversaw the medical side of the incident, said: “The bus fell approximately 50ft [15.2m] onto the access road.
“The patients suffered injuries consistent with a fall from such a great height.”

Source : Sky News