The 21 Coolest New Menswear Picks to Scoop This Week

Wow, is it Saturday already? Time really does fly when you’re doomscrolling the week away! The past seven days were fraught with salacious fashion news—from speculation surrounding the big-name American designer Joe Biden will turn to on the 20th to collaborations that prove the year is already off to a promising start—and we couldn’t be more juiced about it all.

So why not take a break from trawling Twitter and trawl through the best new menswear instead? The last two brain cells halfheartedly duking it out for control of your head definitely deserve a break, and, as always, this week didn’t disappoint. There’s something for everyone here, including not one, but two (!) perfectly toasted suede brown jackets and a whole lot of other not to be missed menswear so good you’ll have a hard time deciding where to park those stimulus checks. (In your savings account, of course!)

BLM Snapback Hat

Capo Hats


If you’re looking for an instant no-brainer cop, it really doesn’t get much better than a royal blue snapback whose proceeds go straight to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. 

Gore-Tex Sailing Team Hoodie in Oatmeal

Reverse Weave


The next best thing to, y’know, actually owning a Rolex. 

World’s Fair Button-Up

Amibition Worldwide


The world is yours. 

Standard Pleated Pant in Fleece

Alex Mill


A brand new take on the silhouette we can’t get enough of, now done up in sweet, sweet garment-dyed fleece. 

Wade Rose Sweater

Saturdays NYC


Roses ain’t always red. 

Brooklyn Circus Cougar Graphic Sweatshirt

Todd Snyder + Champion


A knockout (heh) style from the trio’s recently launched, boxing-inspired collaborative collection. 

Carhartt WIP Double-Knee Pants



French Terry Sweatpants

Soif De Luxe


Oh, what’s that? You’ve already stocked up on plenty of the luxest sweatpants known to man? Even ones made in NY and with an exposed terry drawstring? I thought not. 

Hand Crochet Neck Pouch

Nicholas Daley


The prettiest pouch I’ve seen all week. 

Suede Welding Jacket



Nothing to see here folks, just a suede jacket in the perfect shade of tobacco brown suede. 

Fair Isle Virgin Wool Sweater

Aimé Leon Dore + Drake’s


Surround Drake around Drake’s! 

Lace-Up Suede Loafers

Jacques Soloviere


The (sort of) loafers you’ll want to live in all year long. 

Salomon Bamba 2 HIGH GTX Sneakers

11 By Boris Bidjan Saberi


It’s time for your hiking game to get freaky.  

Floral-Print Woven Trousers



Hedi Slimane is in the building. 

Wyatt Jacket

Taylor Stitch


Brando with the best of ’em. 

Worker Boot

Alexander McQueen


An extra-sturdy stomper from the maestros at McQueen. Add it to the list!

Twist Leather and Signature Canvas Boat Shoe



Hey baby, won’t you take a chance? Say that you’ll let me have this dance. Well, let’s dance, well, let’s dance. We’ll do the twist! 

Appenzeller Trousers



Panted perfection don’t come cheap. 

Never Still Backpack Large



The luxury luggage maker brings its expertise to the backpack (and more) in its new bag collection.

Standard Expedition Parka

Cananda Goose


Nothing standard about it. 

Jono Upcycled Patchwork Jacket

By Walid


Upcycling: the right thing to do, in life and in your fits! 

The Best Buy, Every Week

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