The Denim Shirt Is an American Icon That’s Actually Worthy of the Superlative

There’s no disputing the denim shirt is an icon. I could tout its stylistic merits six ways to Sunday, but suffice to say if there’s one piece of classic Americana actually worthy of the superlative, it just might be the—often blue, always sexy—denim button-up.

There are few items more synonymous with a certain everyman aesthetic and the politicians trying to mimic it on TV. (Hell, one of the most enduring s of a certain President-elect involves Amtrak Joe flashing his signature pearly whites wearing a particularly excellent denim shirt—from Levi’s, naturally—on the cover of InStyle way back in 2017.) But there are also few items more synonymous with adventurous American style of the sort favored by everyone from old hands like Ralph Lauren to upstart streetwear savants. The denim shirt does it all.

A reputation for versatility like that has to be earned, and rest assured: the denim shirt didn’t cut any corners. Can you wear one during the week? Of course. Can you wear one on the weekends? You bet. Can you wear one on those days when you oversleep, check your phone in a panic, and then wonder why no one’s online yet before remembering it’s, like, President’s Day or something? Hell yes! That’s exactly when you should wear one. (If you’re really feeling yourself, you can even wear one with—gasp!—a silk knit tie and a fair isle vest. Y’know, just for shits and giggles.)

So this winter, why not throw on a denim shirt, roll up those sleeves, and then ready yourself for four years of stultifying partisan gridlock so soul-crushingly normal you’ll almost forget what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night not knowing if a string of errant tweets kicked off a nuclear war? America, baby! At least we still do denim right.

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U Denim Stand Collar Shirt



Stand collar stans make some noise.  

Lakewashed Denim Shirt

L.L. Bean


The Bean abides. 

Denim Worker Shirt



Big savings on an even bigger denim shirt chock full of the type of details you typically see on a style four times its price. 

Barstow Western Shirt



An all-American icon. 

Paincourtville Denim Shirt



The hardwearing, work-ready option. 

Denim Two Pocket Field Shirt

Buck Mason


The field shirt of your denim-filled dreams. 

Bone Button Western Shirt

Flint and Tinder


Simple, streamlined, and always in style. 

Blue Denim Oversized Shirt

Bianca Saunders


British designer Bianca Saunders cuts a mean denim shirt.  

Indigo Denim Button Down Shirt

Todd Snyder


Todd Snyder’s mid-weight denim shirt is proof that when you want to give an American icon an elegant upgrade, you simply turn to the fabric maestros in Italy. 

Indigo Denim Pearl Snap Shirt

Wythe New York


Throwback charm with a contemporary twist. 

Illinois Denim Shirt



A perennial RRL fan favorite, now on sale at a price to0 solid not to include. 

Printed Denim Shirt

Martine Rose


Printed perfection. 

Denim Western Shirt

Beams F


Leave it to the team at Beams to cook up a Western-inspired style cut from a sturdy black denim that’ll look just as good with a matching pair of dark jeans (a la the Canadians) as it will with your trustiest wool trousers. 

Logo-Print Long-Sleeve Denim Shirt



About as subtle as Virgil Abloh gets. 

Denim Shirt Jacket

Heron Preston


Contrast collars for life.

Slim-Fit Cutaway-Collar Washed-Denim Shirt

Brunello Cucinelli


The perfectly cut, ultra-soft button-front you should reach for when the time comes to (finally!) tie one on again. 

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