Scottish L1 & L2 clubs send restart plan to SFA

Scottish League One and Two clubs have presented a proposal to the Scottish FA in their bid to restart their campaigns.

Football below Championship level is currently suspended until January 31 following a decision made earlier this month by the Scottish FA.

All 20 clubs from the third and fourth tiers of Scottish football have joined forces to create a document, entitled “A Route to Playing Again”, which they believe paves a way for the leagues to restart and be safely concluded.

“We are all aware of the ongoing impact of the pandemic on everyone’s lives,” a spokesman for the clubs said after the document was sent to the Scottish FA.

“We take our responsibilities to our staff and players seriously and that’s why we have complied with all that has been asked of us to date.

“However, we have used the pause in playing to look at what more we can do to create a route to us playing again in a way that reassures the football authorities and the Scottish Government.

“We know that football can be a force for good and that our games allow our fans to have one familiar activity available to them at a difficult time. But we also recognise that we need to do more if we want to restart and this proposal lays out what that might look like including the introduction of PCR testing.

“We understand the difficult position the Scottish FA found itself in when it suspended our leagues. But there will have to be a decision made about when we restart. So we wanted to support and assist in the decision-making process.

“This document shows that, in coming together with common purpose, 20 clubs are committed to this process and hope that the SFA will treat this proposal with the consideration it deserves.”

Source : Sky Sports