You Don’t Have to Spend More Than $100 to Score a Truly Great Watch on Amazon

Elaine Chung

Call it the hopeless romantic in me, but there’s something reassuringly analog about glancing down at your wrist to tell the time, instead of pulling out a phone you’ll lose yet another half hour to cruising through a meme aggregation account you couldn’t avoid checking. Short of clocking the sun’s movement in the sky, there’s few habits that so resolutely ground a man in the here and now, a handsome reminder that life inevitably goes on, even if it sometimes feels like one long blur. (And by sometimes I mean, of course, all the time.)

Thankfully, you no longer need to be a hotshot scion of inherited wealth—or, hell, an overnight GameStop millionaire—to scoop the watch of your dreams. Because thanks to Amazon’s hefty selection of affordable timepieces, you can now snag some of the best watches around for well under a hundred bucks, or about a tenth of what the newest iPhone will cost you at retail. The choice is an easy one, really.

Sure, Amazon might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of top-of-the-line timepieces, but The Everything Store’s horology game is no laughing matter. I’m talking an enviable selection of styles from big names like Timex and Seiko, plus an excellent supply of harder to find brands, too. Scroll through below to see all the styles worth ditching your phone for, and then make moves—fast. Clock’s ticking, folks.

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Classic Quartz Watch



$12.61 (43% off)

The understated Casio favored by unassuming billionaires and uncompromising aesthetes alike. 

Easy Reader Watch



$35.53 (29% off)

Easy Rider, if Dennis Hooper was, like, really into low-key watches and not motorcycles. 

South Street Stainless Steel Watch



$39.00 (35% off)

The only time being really, truly blue in the face is an appropriate look.  

G-Shock Quartz Watch



$42.15 (40% off)

The most reliable shock-resistant watch on the market for a reason. 

Weekender Watch



Yes, one of the most iconic styles in Timex’s extensive arsenal of hits still very much slaps todays. 

Expedition Acadia Watch



$44.99 (13% off)

For expert and aspiring expeditioners alike. 

Grant Quartz Leather Chronograph Watch



$68.98 (47% off)

Fuck any watch that doubles as a creepily accurate step counter. It’s time to cop yourself a classic chronograph that won’t look like a fossil (heh) a decade down the line. 

Amphibian Automatic Diver Watch



Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch



$88.98 (54% off)

Blue is the warmest color, baby. 

Original XL Analog Display Swiss Quartz Watch



$95.00 (25% off)

The Swiss Army Knife of analog watches from the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife. 

Stainless Steel Solar Watch



$98.44 (54% off)

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