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Confirmed Premier League fixtures live on Sky Sports

Sat Jan 30: Man City vs Sheff Utd – Kick-Off 3pm

Sat Jan 30: Crystal Palace vs Wolves – Kick-Off 3pm

Sat Jan 30: Arsenal vs Man Utd – Kick-Off 5.30pm

Sat Jan 30: Southampton vs Aston Villa – Kick-Off 8pm

Sun Jan 31: Leicester vs Leeds – Kick-Off 2pm

Sun Jan 31: West Ham vs Liverpool – Kick-Off 4.30pm

Sun Jan 31: Brighton vs Tottenham – Kick-Off 7.15pm

Sat Feb 6: Burnley vs Brighton – Kick-Off 3pm

Sat Feb 6: Fulham vs West Ham – Kick-Off 5.30pm

Sat Feb 6: Man Utd vs Everton Kick-Off 8pm

Sun Feb 7: Wolves vs Leicester – Kick-Off 2pm

Sun Feb 7: Liverpool vs Man City – Kick-Off 4.30pm

Sun Feb 7: Sheffield United vs Chelsea – Kick-Off 7.15pm

Mon Feb 8: Leeds Utd vs Crystal Palace – Kick-Off 8pm

Sat Feb 13: Crystal Palace vs Burnley – Kick-Off 3pm

Sat Feb 13: Man City vs Tottenham – Kick-Off 5.30pm

Sun Feb 14: West Brom vs Man Utd – Kick-Off 2pm

Sun Feb 14: Arsenal vs Leeds – Kick-Off 4.30pm

Mon Feb 15: Chelsea vs Newcastle – Kick-Off 8pm

Sat Feb 20: Burnley vs West Brom – Kick-Off 3pm

Sat Feb 20: Liverpool vs Everton – Kick-Off 5.30pm

Sat Feb 20: Fulham vs Sheffield United – Kick-Off 8pm

Sun Feb 21: West Ham vs Tottenham – Kick-Off 12pm

Sun Feb 21: Aston Villa vs Leicester – Kick-Off 2pm

Sun Feb 21: Arsenal vs Man City – Kick-Off 4.30pm

Mon Feb 22: Brighton vs Crystal Palace – Kick-Off 8pm

Sat Feb 27: West Brom vs Brighton – Kick-Off 3pm

Sat Feb 27: Leeds vs Aston Villa – Kick-Off 5.30pm

Sat Feb 27: Newcastle vs Wolves – Kick-Off 8pm

Sun Feb 28: Tottenham vs Burnley – Kick-Off 2pm

Sun Feb 28: Chelsea vs Man Utd – Kick-Off 4.30pm

Sun Feb 28: Sheffield United vs Liverpool – Kick-Off 7.15pm

Mon Mar 1: Everton vs Southampton – Kick-Off 8pm

Weds Mar 3: Burnley vs Leicester City – Kick-Off 6pm

Weds Mar 3: Crystal Palace vs Man Utd – Kick-Off 8.15pm

Thu Mar 4: West Brom vs Everton – Kick-Off 6pm

Thu Mar 4: Liverpool vs Chelsea – Kick-Off 8.15pm

Sat Mar 6: Sheffield Utd vs Southampton – Kick-Off 3pm

Sat Mar 6: Aston Villa vs Wolves – Kick-Off 5.30pm

Sat Mar 6: Brighton vs Leicester – Kick-Off 8pm

Sun Mar 7: Liverpool vs Fulham – Kick-Off 2pm

Sun Mar 7: Man City vs Man Utd – Kick-Off 4.30pm

Sun Mar 7: Tottenham vs Crystal Palace – Kick-Off 7.15pm

Mon Mar 8: West Ham Utd v Leeds Utd – Kick-Off 8pm

Wed Mar 10: Man City v Southampton – Kick-Off 6pm

Sun Mar 14: Everton vs Burnley – Kick-Off 2pm

Sun Mar 14: Arsenal vs Tottenham – Kick-Off 4.30pm

Mon Mar 15: Wolves vs Liverpool – Kick-Off 8pm

Fri Mar 19: Fulham vs Leeds Utd – Kick-Off 8pm

Sat Mar 20: Brighton vs Newcastle Utd – Kick-Off 8pm

Sun Mar 21: West Ham vs Arsenal – Kick-Off 3pm

Sun Mar 21: Aston Villa vs Tottenham – Kick-Off 7.30pm

To be rescheduled from Sunday January 17: Aston Villa vs Everton
To be rescheduled from Wednesday January 20: Leeds vs Southampton

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Football calendar: All the dates

The football continues and a new calendar is taking shape. From domestic and continental competitions to the new European Championship schedule, here’s what’s in store each month:


Champions League Round of 16, Europa League Round of 32, Carabao Cup final, FA Cup fifth round, EFL Trophy quarter-/semi-finals


FA Cup quarter-finals, Europa League Round of 16, EFL Trophy final, Women’s Champions League quarter-finals, Women’s Champions League Round of 16


FA Cup semi-finals, Champions League quarter-/semi-finals, Europa League quarter-/semi-finals, Women’s Champions League quarter-/semi-finals


Premier League & EFL seasons finish, EFL play-offs, FA Cup final, Champions League final, Europa League final, Women’s Champions League semi-finals/final


Euro 2020 starts

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