The Best Straight Razors for an Old-School Barbershop Shave

Elaine Chung

Y’all remember that weirdly titillating scene early on in Skyfall when Naomie Harris shows up at a shirtless Daniel Craig’s door as he’s mid-shave and then engages in two minutes of half-whispered innuendo before shearing Bond herself? *Nods vigorously​* Of course you do. That scene is iconic for a reason. Can you imagine how much of a buzzkill it would’ve been if Harris went through all the trouble of putting up with Bond’s witty repartee only for him to pull out, like, a noisy, half-broken electric shaver instead of the straight razor he’s using in the film? There’s no way that scene retains an iota of its appeal, no matter how salacious the banter.

Unlike Bond, you probably don’t use a straight razor all that often. Hell, if shaving with a straight razor strikes you as a little, well, terrifying, you’re not the only one. (We’re talking about a device also popularly referred to as a “cutthroat razor,” after all.) But you don’t need Craig’s raw machismo—or, for that matter, chiseled jawline—to appreciate the cinematic charm of the old-timey grooming staple.

And though you might want to keep a styptic pen or some tissues around your first couple of tries (lest you find yourself one wee slip of the hand away from a sliced jugular), once you get the hang of the thing it’ll be hard to resist its offer of a perfect shave. So whether you’re in the market for a true straight-edge razor or a shavette, which uses disposable blades to eliminate any pesky post-shave maintenance on your end, we’ve rounded up the finest options to buy right now.

Because sometimes, as Bond points out, the old ways really are the best.

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SRB Black-Handled Barber Straight Razor



Parker’s barbershop-ready SRB takes disposable blades—either single-edge or half of a double-edge—so you don’t need to strop and sharpen before each shave. 

SRX Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Handle Barber Straight Razor



Another solid option from Parker, this time done up with an ultra-durable stainless steel handle for added heft and a whole lot of professional-grade charm.

Shavette Straight Razor



Dovo’s a go-to name in the old-school shaving scene, and its particularly handsome shavette is well-balanced and ready-made for novice shavers.

Kingsley Steel Shavette

Murdock London


Murdock’s a newer name in the grooming game, but the brand’s got vintage know-how on its side. Case in point: This handsome as hell steel shavette, the sort of tool that’d put even Edward Scissorhands to shame. 

SS Folding Handle Razor



Feather’s Japanese-made stainless steel folding shavette is more than just a grooming staple—it’s a blade truly worthy of the “cutthroat” moniker. (But if you’re careful—and please, be careful—you needn’t worry about that.)

Classic Straight Razor



Another option of the grooming gurus at Dovo, this one is ideal for keeping sideburns or beard necklines in shape with nice, clean edges.

Stainless Steel 5/8 Blade Straight Razor

The Art of Shaving


Crafted by Thiers Issard, a French company with more than a century of experience, this one is best suited to expert shavers only.

Blue Steel “Not a Replica” Straight Razor



Made in collaboration with Hart Steel, Baxter’s straight razor brings the aesthetics of the old-school tool all the way into the 21st century. (It’s currently out of stock, but you can sign up to be notified when it’s back, which is exactly what you should do.)  

Bovine Horn Straight Razor

The Art of Shaving


Super-hard, super-sharp, and made with a luxurious horn handle meant to last for ages, this is the type of sentimental heirloom you lovingly pass on to the next generation one day.

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