CAA School Zone Safety Assessment Tool Now Available in Spanish

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) continues to improve its School Zone Safety Assessment web tool, which allows road safety advocates to identify and track behavioural problems in a school zone. Already available in English and French, the tool can now be accessed in Spanish. 

In many cases it is human behaviour that leads to injuries and deaths in school zones. One of the first steps in assessing the safety of a school zone is monitoring how vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists interact. 

CAA’s tool makes collecting this crucial information easy. All you need is a phone or tablet with internet access. All data is tracked in real time and can be shared with stakeholders such as school staff, road safety advocates and local government. This means less time is spent entering data into a database, and more energy is put into analysing it and making improvements to school zones.

The data collected is essential in informing decisions regarding school zone safety and how to improve it. In fact, by using the data collected from the School Zone Safety assessment tool, CAA has already influenced Canadian decision makers to reduce speed limits around schools.

The tool is part of the FIA’s School Assessment toolkit and is available to all FIA Clubs for free. 

For more information visit the FIA’s School Assessment toolkit here, or contact Glenna Tapper,

Source : Fia