The Best-Dressed Men of the Golden Globes 2021

Phoebe Joaquin

The past dozen-ish months have been…well, let’s just say they’ve been something. That’s the kind of not-quite-euphemism we all prefer on a big night marked by an un-ignorable glut of weirdness and shittiness, right? Not that it’s necessarily the fault of the Golden Globes or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that there’s a pandemic still going, but maybe someone–hey, Tina and Amy!—should mention to the folks on the board that the overwhelming whiteness of the organization is something that doesn’t require a few million bucks’ worth of R&D and an emergency order to overcome.

Are we really here to talk about all that? Yes; yes, we are. But we’re also here to talk about style—specifically, what the guys in possession of outsized amounts of it wore to the show. We’ve already seen a lot of good stuff, ranging from Dan Levy’s “just one more for the road” limoncello fit to Leslie Odom, Jr.’s sartorial (and accessorial) declaration that he knows what’s next in fashion.

What else? you ask!? Well, friend, lemme tell ya about one Justin Theroux, who showed up wearing those skinny jeans Gen Z loves to hate but makes them look simply lovable. Or how about Kenan Thompson, making one of the best cases for the non-standard tux to hit a red carpet in a minute? There’s also a Gucci robe, a guy who plays a prince, and a photo of Bob Odenkirk asking you if you’d like your martini dirty, all in our roundup. Enjoy.

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Dan Levy

In Valentino Couture and Cartier

Leslie Odom, Jr.

In Valentino Couture and Bulgari

Kenan Thompson

Justin Theroux

In Saint Laurent

Jackson Lee

Bob Odenkirk

In Giorgio Armani

Josh O’Connor

Christian Slater

Tahar Rahim

In Louis Vuitton

Sterling K. Brown

In Dior Men

Jonathan Evans is the style director of Esquire, covering all things fashion, grooming, accessories, and, of course, sneakers.

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