Todd Snyder’s Massive Sale Is Destroying Any Semblance of My Self Control

The hardest thing about clicking over to Todd Snyder’s ongoing sale section might just be making sure you have enough time—and self control. There’s so much good stuff to get through, and so much that could easily take up residence in your closet, that picking just one thing (or, hell, five things) poses a very real challenge. Is it just me? It might be! But I doubt it. Todd’s stuff has been a perennial favorite of not only Esquire’s editors, but its readers, too.

So, what are we to do with this information? Grin and bear it? Hold out and try to ignore those sweet, sweet deals? Hell no! Instead, I’ve scoured the entire sale section to find 21 things that you should consider buying right this instant and wearing all through the remaining days of winter and then well into spring (and summer, and fall). Happy shopping.

Vans Authentic Tonal Plaid in Black


$60 $39 (35% off)

Knockaround shoes with a little extra. 

Slim Fit 5-Pocket Chino in Lavender

Todd Snyder

$148 $44 (70% off)

Nothing says “spring is coming” quite like a pair of pastel pants.

Button Down Linen Shirt in Almond

Todd Snyder

$168 $64 (61% off) 

When the temperature spikes, you’re going to be very happy you have this linen shirt at your disposal.

Glen Check Merino Wool Scarf in Natural


$172 $68 (60% off)

A good scarf is timeless, and this is a damn good scarf.

Tatanka Chukka in Light Brown

Todd Snyder + Sebago

$175 $74 (57% off)

For mooring your schooner (or just taking a stroll to the local coffee shop).

Italian Pleated Cord Madison Trouser in Rust

Todd Snyder

$268 $84 (68% off)

Pleats! Corduroy! A deeply satisfying rust color! These pants really do have it all.

7″ Weekend Short in Seersucker Tartan

Todd Snyder

$148 $84 (43% off)

Shorts that even a “not so sure about shorts” guy can love.

Gold Welton Bi-Metal Quartz

Timex + Todd Snyder

$158 $104 (34% off)

Mid-century cool now comes in watch form.

Italian Herringbone CPO Jacket in French Blue

Todd Snyder

$398 $114 (71% off)

Not to get all hyperbolic on you, but this CPO jacket might just be the best deal in the entire sale. 

Bold Stripe Turtleneck in White

Todd Snyder

$188 $119 (36% off)

One part nautical, one part prep, and entirely cooler than any other turtlenecks you have in your rotation.

Reverse Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt in Light Sage

Todd Snyder

$168 $119 (29% off)

Cozy boys unite.

Italian Dark Floral Print Camp Collar Shirt in Black

Todd Snyder

$198 $124 (37% off)

Can’t stop won’t stop camp-collaring.

Birds of Paradise Scarf in Rust


$185 $128 (30% off)

Remember that very good scarf from earlier? Here’s its wild cousin with a bunch of stories about partying in Europe at 5 a.m. to tell you.

L.L.Bean x Todd Snyder Puffer Vest in Camo


$189 $159 (15% off)

Let this be your Maine (sorry, so sorry) outerwear play this spring.

Cable Fisherman’s Sweater in Kelly Green

Todd Snyder

$298 $179 (39% off)

Even Chris Pine could never.

Polartec Half Zip Hoodie in Dark Hickory


$228 $179 (21% off)

A hoodie, but make it a cortado.

Wool Pinstipe Crewneck Sweatshirt in Charcoal

Todd Snyder + Champion

$268 $199 (25% off)

There’s a “dyed in the wool” joke here, but I’m too distracted by this dope sweatshirt to make it.

Italian Boucle Zip Guide Jacket in Blue

Todd Snyder

$498 $249 (50% off)

Italian. Boucle. Two words that sound just right together.

Italian Suede Snap Dylan Jacket in Eucalyptus

Todd Snyder

$998 $594 (40% off)

And if you’re more of a suede-y character, here’s what you should be reaching for.

Italian Buffalo Plaid Two Collar Topcoat in Yellow Navy

Todd Snyder

$1,498 $699 (53% off)

This coat is not for everyone. I know that. But if it’s for you? Get after it, because someday soon I want to see you in the wild and nod knowingly at your drip.

Italian Glen Plaid Topcoat in Brown

Todd Snyder

$1,198 $709 (40% off)

Honestly, I’m not even sure how this one made it to the sale section. Scoop it now before they figure out their mistake. 

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