FMU partners with Vintage club for environment

The Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU) has partnered with the Rotary Vintage and Collectables Fellowship in planting Cycad trees at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe.

On Women’s Day, the Vintage and Classic Car Club, member of the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda (FMU), together with the Rotarians Vintage and Collectables Fellowship and Uganda Wildlife Education Centre partnered for a social event to award women in restoration of cars, promote tourism and conserve the environment.

Classic and vintage cars are known to have significant carbon footprint and emissions. FMU took the opportunity of Women’s Day to sensitize classic car owners and the wider community about driving their cars in a controlled vintage run and to encourage preservation for heritage other than commercialization. 

Throughout the day, Cycad trees, one of the most endangered of plant groups, were planted. The activities, supported by Worldwide Movers Uganda Ltd, the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, the Uganda Tourism Board, the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities with the Honorable Minister Godfrey Kiwanda flagging off the cars, Cycad Village of Uganda and the Rotary Club of Entebbe among other partners, attracted an entry of 40 vintage and classic cars.

FMU President Dipu Ruparelia, in a speech read by FMU Vice President Shemmy Senkatuka, emphasized the need of awareness on environmental conservation as a sustainable approach for passing on, a safe place to future generations.

“The best way to reduce pollution is to reduce unnecessary driving”, he said.

“One family should not drive out in the morning with three cars heading the same direction just because the father wants to go in a Beetle, the mother in a Mercedes and the son wants something more classy like a Subaru. We all have a responsibility as car enthusiasts to reduce carbon emissions and oil spills into our environment.”

Source : Fia