Maluma Meets With Balmain, Telfar Teams With White Castle, and 12 More Things to Keep on Your Menswear Radar

Elaine Chung

Another week, another slew of new releases. Does that sound a little ho-hum? Sorry. Imagine me delivering this news like a toast, the champagne spilling over the edge of my glass as I hoist it in the air declaring yet another round of menswear-induced excitement. Because this is good news! How often do you have a week in which Maluma partners with Balmain, Telfar teams up with White Castle, Craig Green and Moncler offer up another installment of their work together, and new releases from Persol, Todd Snyder, Off-White, and Merrel all hit shelves? (Not often, is the answer to that one.)

Here’s a look at everything you should have on your radar this week.

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White Castle Tee

Telfar x White Castle


A logo lockup between Telfar and White Castle? Sign me the hell up.

Nylon Bomber Jacket

Balmain x Maluma


There’s more than just this jacket in the collaboration between Balmain and Maluma, but if you’re going to go for it, well…go for it.

Nylon Pants

5 Moncler Craig Green


Super-light, super-cool nylon trousers from the collaborative capsule. 

Crown Satin Jacket

Starter x Budweiser


Does a partnership get any more perfect than Starter and Budweiser? 

Caral Active Shorts

Kappa Kombat


Does anyone else want to shout “Mortal Kombat” at no one in particular right now? 

Basics Crewneck



Alife may call it a basic, but in a color like this, it’s anything but. 

Japanese Tipped Rayon Shirt in Navy

Todd Snyder


Here’s your official permission to rock a pajama shirt any and everywhere this spring and summer. 

Industrial Logo Slide Sandal



Slides? For spring? Groundbreaking.

Wallabee in Blue Camo



Is it really a camo? Maybe a tie-dye? Why not both?!

Second Spin Polo



The yarn used in this polo is made from recycled clothes and factory scraps—all part of Outerknown’s plan to reach full circularity by 2030.

Atlantis Graphic Tee

Billionaire Boys Club


So, I guess I really want to go gamble in Atlantis now? 

MQM Ace Leather



Very good-looking hiking shoes that also happen to perform. Best of both worlds. 

714 Steve McQueen Sunglasses



Adult Pleated Face Mask



You’ve still gotta mask up. This one, in a geometric print with an equally geometric construction, will make that task a little more enjoyable.

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