The Flexiest of Bucket Hats, Plus 9 More Can’t-Miss Menswear New Releases

Folks, let’s raise a glass. Now, repeat after me: This summer, I shall stunt. I shall stunt in bucket hats and high-end sweats. I shall stunt in fleece, in acetate, and in cotton. I shall stunt from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I shall stunt, for life is returning to normal, and I shall—nay, must!—make up for lost time.

Is that a toast? A promise? A little bit of a threat? Yes, yes, and, well, yeah, kinda. Summer’s on its way. Vaccines are kicking in. People are getting dressed again. This is good news! So what do you plan to do about it? Pull those same sad sweats from the pile next to your bed and try to make ’em make you feel good? They’ve already put in so much work, man! Let them rest. Get something new and shiny instead, because we’ve been through the thick of it, and we deserve a little reward. Like what? Like any of these 10 can’t-miss new releases. Go on. Go for it. You know you’ve earned it.

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Summer Vertigo Bucket Hat



Created in collaboration with artist Sarah Coleman, Fendi’s logo-tweaking bucket hat is far and away the flexiest bucket hat you can wear this summer. 

Quarter-Zip Fleece

Freemans Sporting Club


Behold: a quarter-zip fleece that’ll make you actually like quarter-zip fleeces.

Mr. Marin


Roy Lichtenstein T-Shirt



Vicki! Do you like my new T-shirt!?

Shaolin Kung Fu Tee

Roots of Fight


Celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati teamed up with her trainer, former Muay Thai champion Johnny Hunt, on a collection devoted to Shaolin Kung Fu. The look is cool. The history of the martial art is even cooler.

Lemtosh Limited Edition Sunglasses



The future may be bright, but it’s hard to beat vintage inspiration when it comes to your shades.

Chuck 70 Sneakers

Converse x Keith Haring


As it turns out, Converse’s Chuck 70 is a perfect (ahem) canvas for Haring’s artwork.

Buckle Koala in Olive Suede

Sebago x Universal Works


Ring boots stay winning.

The Vintage Sweatpants

Fear of God


Remember how you were going to give your old sweats a rest? Try these new (but vintage-y) ones instead, of the team-up between Fear of God and Nordstrom. 

California Oversize Blazer

Fear of God


Or, if you’re feeling dressier, there’s also this damn-fine-looking blazer, which feels as good as it looks. 

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