Todd Snyder’s New Q Timex Might Just Be His Best Yet

At this point, I don’t need to tell you that the collaboration between Timex and Todd Snyder is the gift that keeps on giving, delivering good watch after good watch across a range of different models and vibes. Nor do I need to inform you of the smash-hit success of the Q Timex line, which throw things back to the late ’70s with diver-inspired cases shot through with the sorts of touches—domed acrylic crystals, working battery hatches, 38mm cases—that vintage enthusiasts love.

Of course, I just told you all that again. (Oops.) Call it a refresher, if you’d like. Or maybe an aperitif. Because now we’re getting to the main course, and it’s a doozy. The new watch releasing today isn’t the first time that Snyder has tackled a Q Timex—that was just about a year ago—but for my money, it’s his best take on the style to date. And all it took was one tiny change: shifting the color of the dial from stark black to a cool, chilled-out cream.

The cream-dialed watch is designed to be a little bit more casual than Snyder’s last take on the Q Timex.

“I’ve always loved the Q series,” Snyder said in a statement. “They’re beautiful mid-century watches that date back to a time when quartz technology was changing the industry. And I wanted to design one that was a slightly more casual take, a hybrid between a dress watch and an off-duty one.”

The new style is available starting today, and is exactly the sort of watch that’ll work with pretty much every summer fit. Do with that information what you will. (By which I mean: Buy this watch and wear it all season long.)

Q Timex Exclusively for Todd Snyder

Timex + Todd Snyder


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