The Best Beach Towels Make Laying in the Sand Look Damn Good

You need a beach towel. You might think you don’t need a beach towel—that you can just grab an old sheet or blanket or bath towel from home and be fine. If that’s the case, sorry, bud, but you’re wrong. Sure, any of those could technically do in a pinch, but they’ll lead to a joyless day on the beach. You know what’ll bring you some joy? Sure you do! A beach towel!

Get one with a gigantic, toungue-in-cheek graphic printed across its expansive acreage. Get one with a repeating pattern running from top-to-bottom (or is that bottom-to-top?). Get one with stripes or tie-dye or color-blocking, or, hell, leopard print. Go wild. Because beach towels aren’t just designed to give you the necessary real estate to stretch out on the sand, or dry you off after a dip in the ocean. They’re also designed to keep things fun. This is the beach, after all. It’s made for fun.

So, now that you’ve stocked up on all other beach-going necessities—you do have some new sunglasses, sunscreen, swim trunks, and all that other jazz, right?—it’s time to buy a great beach towel. Start with this list and you can’t go wrong.

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Indigo Sun Beach Towel



For indigo fiends, part-time hippies, and, well, you.

Out the Back Beach Towel



Or maybe you prefer the calm that comes with watching the waves repeat again, and again, and again… 

Coors Beach Towel



Novelty beach towels are a dicey prospect, but there’s something kinda fantastic about the idea of settling in for a long day of beach reads on a big, sweating can of Coors Banquet.

Kaksi Raitaa Bath Towel



Big, bold stripes part I.

Mellow Yellow Beach Towel



And part II.

Luxe Beach Towel



Like a Rothko, but a towel. 

Soleil Beach Towel

Peacock Alley


A simple, side-stripe design that’ll perfectly match your side-stripe swimsuit.

Embroidered Cotton-Terry Jacquard Beach Towel



Leave it to the Undercover crew to make a beach towel weird in all the right ways.

Striped Cotton-Blend Terry Beach Blanket



Understated stripes from the swimwear specialists at Onia.

Cotton-Terry Beach Towel



Big tonal logo + bright blue = success!

Leopard-Jacquard Cotton-Terry Beach Towel



Go ahead and get wild with it.

Logo-Jacquard Striped Cotton-Terry Beach Towel



Like a Breton stripe sweater for the beach.

Printed MicroTerry Beach Towel



Bandana prints. So hot right now. Bandana prints.

Striped Linen Beach Towel



Big, bold stripes part III.

Stone Island Beach Towel

Stone Island


What was that about tonal logos and bright blue? Oh, yeah: Success!

Tonal Skull Towel

Alexander McQueen


Beach goth. Look it up.

Barocco Beach Towel



For the truly opulent, look no further than Versace.

Christine Flammia writes about style, grooming, and more; she is the former associate style editor of Esquire and is currently pursuing a PhD in communications at Columbia.

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