The Perennial Shoe of the Summer Is On Sale Right Now

The Nike Killshot 2 needs no introduction. We’ve covered it over and over again on this very website. We talked about it when it was still just a limited-edition release occasionally restocking at J.Crew only to sell out immediately and leave scores of fans waiting for their next chance. We rejoiced when Nike decided—finally!—to make it a regularly available, general release model. And here we are, talking about it again, because the Swoosh marked it down to just 68 bucks and summer is here and, hey, maybe you need some new shoes.

In case you somehow missed all the previous Killshot 2 discourse, I’ll bring you up to speed on why so many folks find themselves snatching up these sneakers every time they’re granted a chance. It comes down to a pretty damn spot-on mix of versatility and personality. On the versatility front, you’ve got a largely neutral shoe with a low-profile silhouette inspired by classic tennis kicks. It’s the kind of shape that goes absolutely everything. Pair it with chinos and a button-down if you’re feeling (a little bit) fancy or basketball shorts and a boxy tee when the temperature is soaring. The Killshot 2 plays nice with everything.

But this ain’t no all-white, minimalist sneaker. The colors at play are, like I said, largely neutral—the upper is wrapped in white leather and gray suede. But the navy Swoosh offers a little something extra compared to a tonal one. And the gum sole? Honestly, the fact that more sneakers aren’t offered on this just-different-enough foundation continues to boggle my mind.

Nike Killshot 2 Sneakers

$67.97 (was $90.00, 24% off)

This is a shoe that says, “I don’t need to stunt, but I like to stand out—sorta.” It’s a shoe that has, yes, become kind of ubiquitous. But it’s well past the point of that being an issue. Like the Stan Smith, it’s a modern classic: a style that may have once seemed overexposed and now simply exists as an integral part of the continuing menswear landscape.

And, like I said, it’s on sale. So, what are you waiting for?

Jonathan Evans is the style director of Esquire, covering all things fashion, grooming, accessories, and, of course, sneakers.

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