The Coolest Shoes and Accessories for Every Kind of Guy

The man of today is multi-faceted. Whether it be with creative passions or professional endeavors, his interests have evolved beyond one-dimensional stereotypes and so too has his sense of style. More than ever, guys are turning to outfits that reflect a more complex sense of self. The foundation of those looks are pieces that balance versatility with individuality.

That dynamic sense of identity is what inspired the #noface trend on social media. The photo challenge, which prompts users to post a picture of themselves without showing their face, now has over half a million shares and counting. Inspired by the #noface movement, we explore the distinct sides of the Salvatore Ferragamo man amidst the iconic work of legendary design collective Memphis Milano. Here, a biography of the modem man narrated through style, in which shoes and accessories are the perfect punctuation.

Casual Naturalist

On the wall: carpet “Rio“, designed by Roger Selden, collection “flip-flop,” Post Design 2019. In the model’s hands: vase “VEGAS“ designed by Roger Selden, collection “flip-flop,” Post Design 2019. On model: wool hoodie, leather trousers, and leather sneakers by Salvatore Ferragamo.

A pair of white sneakers is decidedly down-to-earth when it comes to menswear. With this new pair of streamlined logo lace-ups from Salvatore Ferragamo, the contemporary man can plant his feet firmly on comfortable ground. Sneakers are the ideal option for those looking to breathe fresh air into a wardrobe rooted in heritage. This can be achieved with the everyday outfit or a more relaxed vacation vibe. Here, we turn to the fields of Tuscany—the birthplace of the brand—to commune with the fashion house’s history and its influence from nature. For a weekend escape, these shoes seamlessly translate from city to countryside with a plush fleece-cut pullover, green and cozy like an Italian garden, and relaxed leather joggers. For a less remote return to nature, the casual naturalist reaches for a vase of inspired greenery to similar effect.

Retro Futurist

On the wall: carpet “SEDONA,” designed by Roger Selden, collection “flip-flop,” Post Design 2019. On the floor: chair “PRIMULA,” designed by George Sowden, collection “MATERIALISM,” Post Design 2018. On left model: bomber jacket, trousers, and drivers by Salvatore Ferragamo. On right mode: shirt, belt, trousers and drivers by Salvatore Ferragamo.
On the floor: table “Mimosa,” designed by Ettore, Sottsass in 1984 for the collection “Memphis Milano.” On the table: moccasins by Salvatore Ferragamo

Looking to the past for a glimpse into the sartorial future is a smart approach to style. There are some style staples, like a beautifully crafted pair of moccasin loafers from Salvatore Ferragamo, that will always be the foundation of the modem man’s wardrobe. But the colorful eras of the 60s and 70s, with their space and techno (r)evolution, are the place to explore fashion’s more adventurous spirit. Unafraid to push the limits of his style into the future, the Ferragamo man turns to brightly-colored suedes or chunky-soled Nebbiolo leather loafers that make a statement. Paired with minimal slim shirts and strait-legged trousers, an adjustable belt with a burnished metal buckle completes the retro-futurist style.

In the background: fabric “Rete,” designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1983 for the collection “Memphis Milano.” On the floor: small table “Flamingo,” designed by Michele De Lucchi in 1984 for the collection “Memphis Milano. On the table: belt by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Golden Globetrotter

On the wall: carpet “CERCHIO,” designed by Peter Shire for Post Design 2018.  On model: turtleneck, belt, and trousers by Salvatore Ferragamo. 
On the wall: carpet “CERCHIO,” designed by Peter Shire for Post Design 2018. On model: sweater, shorts, and backpack by Salvatore Ferragamo.

A bag that can keep up with an always-on-the-go lifestyle is essential for any modern man. Whether it’s on a plane, train, car, or motorbike, the key to effortless style is versatility. So, be it business or pleasure, the well-traveled Ferragamo man moves through the world easily with a sleek logo backpack always on his shoulder. At every latitude and longitude of the globe, this expert traveler knows how to adapt his look without losing an ounce of sophistication or personality. With a bold graphic knit to balance the look, it’s a style that feels at home in every part of the world.

Burgeoning Industrialist

On the wall: carpet “CEM8“ designed by Chung Eun Mo, collection “20 Carpets,” Post Design 2011. On the floor: chair “Animal chair,” designed by Masanori Umeda, collection “Night Tales,” Post Design 2020. On model: wool suit, cotton pique polo and logo moccasins by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Though office dress codes may have relaxed, a little polish can go a long way in the business world. As the saying goes, it’s first in, best dressed. A sophisticated pair of Salvatore Ferragamo’s leather moccasins with an almond toe and Gancini side buckle is primed to be the new favorite for professionals in the know.

The Ferragamo man is informed and intelligent with a smart sartorial solution for whatever is happening in his world. A sharp-looking shoe is the most trusted workhorse of his wardrobe.

Creative Connoisseur

On the wall: carpet “CEM4,” designed by Chung Eun Mo, collection “20 Carpets,” Post Design 2011. On the floor: table “Polar,” designed by Michele De Lucchi in 1984 for the collection “Memphis Milano.”  On the table: sneakers by Salvatore Ferragamo.
On the wall: carpet “CERCHIO,” designed by Peter Shire for Post Design 2018. On the floor: chair “First,” designed by Michele De Lucchi in 1983 for the collection “Memphis Milano.” On model: sweater, shorts and sneakers by Salvatore Ferragamo. 

Culture permeates the life of the contemporary guy through many mediums—be it art, music, or the written word. And any design-lover will tell you that sneakers, like these by Salvatore Ferragamo, are the place to find some of the most inspired fashion designs in the modem era. As a man of culture and distinguished taste, the Ferragamo man keeps company with the legendary designs of Memphis Milano (the location for this shoot). Forty years after its foundation, Memphis design still epitomizes creativity and innovation. The eclectic works of the collective have cemented their influence with a passion that mirrors that of the Salvatore Ferragamo collection.

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