The 26 Best Watch Deals to Score on Amazon

Elaine Chung

You stare at enough screens. This has been true for a long time, but now that we’re all logged on, all the time, the very thought of pulling out your phone—and all its attendant notifications—to check the time sounds downright wrong. You need a watch. You need one not just because it looks good, though it should, but because it’s a reassuringly analog way to find out if you’re late for yet another Zoom meeting without bathing your brain in blue light. Single-use tools might be fewer and further between these days, but on your wrist? It’s a welcome reminder to keep it simple. (Within reason, of course. You can still opt for a chronograph or a day-date readout or—gasp!—even a digital option, if you’d like.)

Luxury options abound, and they are indeed great, but you don’t need to spend much on your everyday watch if you’re not in the mood. Instead, just head over to Amazon. Though the internet’s everything store might not initially sound like the go-to source to indulge your horological impulses, it’s chock full of well-priced watches from brands like Timex, Seiko, Swatch, Fossil, and many, many more. Finding those watches, though? Not always easy. That’s where we come in. We’ve sorted through the riffraff and pulled together 26 can’t-miss options for you right here. Scroll through below to see all the styles worth ditching your phone for, and then make moves—fast. Clock’s ticking, folks.

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Classic Quartz Watch



The understated Casio favored by unassuming billionaires and uncompromising aesthetes alike. 

Data Bank Quartz Watch



$21.91 (19% off)

Tired: using the calculator on your phone.

Wired: using the calculator on your watch.

Expedition Camper Watch



For expert and aspiring expeditioners alike. 

Easy Reader Expansion Band Watch



$37.28 (32% off)

If you want to lean into the retro look and size (35mm, for the record), a steel expansion band is a good way to do it.

Easy Reader Watch



$32.29 (35% off)

Easy Rider, if Dennis Hooper was, like, really into low-key watches and not motorcycles. 

South Street Stainless Steel Watch



The only time being really, truly blue in the face is an appropriate look.  

G-Shock Quartz Watch



$54.99 (21% off)

The most reliable shock-resistant watch on the market for a reason. 

Classic Quartz Silicone Strap Watch



An understated slapper from the Swiss brand.

Weekender Watch



Yes, one of the most iconic styles in Timex’s extensive arsenal of hits still very much slaps todays. 

DW9052-1CCG Watch



$60.42 (24% off)

More functions than you’ll ever need and so durable you’ll never break it. It’s the definitional overbuilt watch, and it’s barely more than 50 bucks.

Pro Diver Watch


$78.82 $55.17 (30% off)

A just-right diver at a just-right price.

1907 BAU Silicone Strap Watch



Small elements + big colors = design success.

FB-01 Watch



$65.98 (49% off)

Classic diver vibes with a very easy price tag. An easy win if ever there were one.

Grant Quartz Leather Chronograph Watch



Fuck any watch that doubles as a creepily accurate step counter. It’s time to cop yourself a classic chronograph that won’t look like a fossil (heh) a decade down the line. 

Townsman Chronograph Watch


$159.00 $79.00 (50% off)

Gotta love an easy-to-wear chrono for half off.

Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch



Blue is the warmest color, baby. 

Scuba Dude Amphibian Watch



SNK789 Automatic Watch



An easy, just-elevated-enough everyday option from a brand that aways delivers quality at sometimes-shockingly-low prices.

Signatur Watch



$95.18 (17% off)

For those folks who’d like just a little pop of color.

GA-700UC-5ACR Watch



Tough as nails and a little off-kilter, G-Shock always delivers.

Stainless Steel Solar Watch



$141.33 (34% off)

All that glitters is not gold, but it still looks damn good.

Original XL Analog Display Swiss Quartz Watch



$107.50 (15% off)

The Swiss Army Knife of analog watches from the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife. 

Copeland Watch



For the minimalist.

Original XL Analog Display Swiss Quartz Watch



Victorinox’s Original XL also comes with a very Swiss Army Knife-y red bezel.

Eco-Drive Garrison Watch



$131.25 (42% off)

An ultra-dependable field watch with classic good looks to spare.

SNE329 Sport Watch



A big, beefy field watch driven by Seiko’s solar-powered movement? Yes! A thousand times yes!

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