Kaskade’s Iconic Headlining Performance at SoFi Stadium has Hit the Internet [WATCH]

Kaskade recently made history as the first artist to perform at LA’s newly opened SoFi Stadium — and the entire live set is available to replay now!

The standout performance exclusively featured all Kaskade originals, edits, IDs, and collaborations, including productions with Galantis, Project 46, CID, Will K, Chemical Surf and more. Toward the end of the show, Kaskade brought out deadmau5, who threw down earlier in the night as testpilot, to rinse out their legendary song together, “I Remember” featuring Haley Gibby.

Kaskade previously shared his excitement for the event:

Every time I play in Los Angeles, it evokes this feeling that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. It’s that sensation of getting into your own bed after being away for too long, it’s heat in the cold and it’s comfort when anxiety has been playing its game. Any show I play in LA is something I keep protected. I make sure that when I do it, I come correct because it’s that meaningful to me. LA is home.

Laced with magical moments from Kaskade’s past, present, and future, the SoFi Stadium performance is one to behold. Watch here — and shoutout to YouTuber VictorVisits for capturing the show!

Kaskade Live @ SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles 2021

Photo via Rukes.com

Source : Your Edm