Bonobos’ Bestselling Riviera Shirt Is Up to Half Off Right Now

For a while there, Bonobos was synonymous with pants. It made sense at the time, seeing as specializing in slim-fit chinos is how the entire enterprise got its start. But nowadays, you’re just as likely to encounter devotees of its travel-friendly suits or boldly printed shirts as folks who swear by the cut of its trousers. In fact, you might be more likely to find fans of those shirts—specifically the short-sleeve, button-front Riviera style, which has become something of a signature over the years.

And whether you’re a longtime wearer or a soon-to-be convert, I’ve got good news: Bonobos has marked down a staggering number of Riviera shirts, some to just over 50 percent off. There are prints. There are patterns. There are solids and stripes and dots and florals. Pretty much any sort of short-sleeve shirt you can imagine can be found in the ranks of deeply discounted wares currently on offer.

It doesn’t come down to just aesthetics, either. See, Bonobos has been working diligently to expand its sizing, so you can take your pick from a slim fit, a standard one, or an extra-trim tailored fit. You can also choose regular, short, or tall lengths. All told, it makes for an almost dizzying array of options, and while that may sound a little daunting, what it really means is that you can tune in your exact preference with ease. All that, plus a healthy discount. Sounds pretty damn good. The only question to ask is: Why are you still reading this? Shouldn’t you be shopping for your new shirt by now?

Bonobos Riviera Short-Sleeve Shirt

$48.00 (was $78.00, 39% off)


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