Nine-year-old girl allegedly raped and murdered in Delhi

A nine-year-old girl has allegedly been raped and murdered in India’s capital, sparking four days of protests.
Police say she had gone to fetch water from a crematorium near her house in Delhi on Sunday when she was killed.

Her family say the perpetrators cremated her body against their wishes.

Image: The girl’s family say the perpetrators cremated her body against their wishes (file image)
Delhi’s chief minister has ordered a judge-led inquiry into the alleged rape and murder.
Four men have been arrested, Ingit Pratap Singh, the top police officer in the southwest of the capital, told Reuters.


They face charges of rape, murder and criminal intimidation, he said.

The girl’s family have said one of the alleged rapists was a Hindu priest.

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She was reportedly a member of the Dalit community, the lowest caste in India’s Hindu hierarchy.
Hundreds of people protested in Delhi on Wednesday, blocking roads and demanding justice.
They held placards reading: “Justice for India’s daughter.”
Arvind Kejriwal, the head of Delhi’s provincial government, ordered a judicial review of the case.
He called on the central government to do more to prevent crime.
“Top lawyers will be engaged to get the culprits punished,” Mr Kejriwal tweeted.
“Central government should take strict steps to improve law and order in Delhi, we will cooperate fully.”
Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the main opposition Congress party, said: “Her parents’ tears are saying only one thing – their daughter, the daughter of this country, deserves justice.”
India has a poor record for women’s safety. The issue gained worldwide attention with the 2021 gang-rape and murder of a 23-year-old student on a bus in Delhi.
More than 32,000 rapes were recorded in India in 2019 according to the government. Experts have said that figure is likely to be a conservative esimate, due to the stigma involved.
There were also more than 100,000 kidnappings of women, a third with the stated aim of forced marriage.

Source : Sky News