Kaleidoscopic Knitwear, Beat-‘Em-to-Hell Boots, and More of This Week’s Best Menswear Releases

From jewelry worn by Michelle Obama to a bag beloved by Meghan Markle, many of this week’s latest menswear releases are blurring gender lines. Mateo, for one, has reintroduced men’s pieces back into his lineup, including macrame bracelets and a strand of pearls (because real men wear them). Fendi is offering up vibrant miniature versions of its celebrated Peekaboo bag, which means that Harry and Meghan don’t have to share. Tom Ford has timepieces for anyone and everyone. Moncler dropped outerwear in sugary-sweet colors. Sergio Tacchini has velour tracksuits that rival those by Juicy Couture. And both Loro Piana and Stella McCartney have collaborated with artists on unisex collections that include must-cop knits.

Don’t get bogged down by archaic tropes that delineate what style is acceptable for this gender or that. Step outside the proverbial box. Wear pink. Adorn yourself with diamonds. And if you’re really woke, carry a purse (Fendi and Stella have got you covered). It doesn’t make you any less of a man, I swear. And if you don’t believe me, just check out the best-dressed gents, here.

14K Secret Initial Bracelet

Mateo has gone back to its roots. The celebrated jewelry brand, beloved by Michelle Obama and Rihanna, is relaunching its men’s collection. It was 2009 when founder Matthew Harris debuted the label for guys, before focusing on designs that catered primarily toward women. Now, fellas can get in on the action with pieces from his inaugural line, along with pearls, macrame bracelets, and chain necklaces. Shine on, dude.   

Mirror by Kaws Eau De Toilette

Comme des Garçons x Kaws

Looking for a killer scent? Comme des Garçons and Kaws have just the thing. The avant-garde fashion label and the artist have released an eau de toilette: The top notes are comprised of turmeric leaves and root oil; the middle notes are clean accord and orange blossom; and dry down notes are cashmeran, sinfonide, and benzoin resinoid. And if that doesn’t get you, just take a stab at the bottle’s design. 

Ed Curtis Patchwork Cardigan

Stella McCartney

Patterned sweaters, especially cardigans, are a must-cop this season. They’re all the rave with Gen Z. Hopping on the youth train is Stella McCartney with the release of Stella Shared 3—a unisex collection of shirts, outwear, accessories, and, of course, kaleidoscopic knits that were created in collaboration with burgeoning artists Ed Curtis, Maisie Broome, and Tom Tosseyn. 

Hiroshi Fujiwara Crewneck Sweater

Loro Piana

Like McCartney, Loro Piana also enlisted a collaborator on a unisex collection, this one much more established. Hiroshi Fujiwara, who has worked with everyone from Nike to Moncler in the past, has brought his distinctive design eye to an assortment of knits, outwear, and sweats, all of which celebrate gender fluidity. 

Peekaboo Iseeu Mini Bag

From Meghan Markle to Laverne Cox, Fendi’s Peekaboo bag has graced the arms of some of the most stylish women around. Recently, the Italian label has released them in miniature form, and not just for the ladies either. This electric blue version, for one, will serve you well—holding your phone, vaccination card, and whatever you can’t fit into your pockets—once you head back into the office. 

Everett Vest

Canada Goose

Canada Goose outwear is heavy-duty, no question. But for fall 2021, the brand is offering up something lighter—specifically in the form of puffer vests, jackets, and coats, along with sweaters, in pastel shades. This icy option, for one, will brighten any gloomy day.  

Ultra Boost 21 Sneaker

Adidas x Palace

Adidas and Palace—two of our favorite longtime collaborators—have joined forces on sneaker that is, essentially, too hot to pass up. Don’t sleep on this, folks, cause it’s a beauty. 

Q Timex Reissue Falcon Eye 38mm Watch

Time is money, and here to help you keep track of it is the Falcon Eye. The watch is part of the Q Timex series, a reissue of designs from the ’70s, and, with its striking green dial and stainless-steel finish, one of the most elegant styles of the bunch so far. 

Bergamo Boot

We’re big fans of Koio’s sneakers; the way they are clean, but not too clean. This season, the footwear label is offering the same with vibe with a selection of boots, including the Bergamo, a lace-up that’ll look even better with some wear and tear. 

N.003 Watch

The third time’s a charm—a phrase that certainly applies to Tom Ford’s latest watch drop. Where the N.001 was sporty and the N.002 adventurous, the latest design is sleek, elegant, and, you guessed it, charming. 

Trail Runners

Allbirds wants you to take a hike—literally. The purveyor of our favorite wool sneakers has dropped runners built for all the dirt trails ahead. They feature FSC-certified natural rubber outsoles, midsoles with SweetFoam cushioning, and uppers made of a combination of merino wool and recycled polyester. 

Chapter 1 Tenet Dessert Plate Set

Foundrae’s Beth Bugdaycay, a designer that creates some of the sweetest jewelry around, is offering another treat that’s just as tasty. She has collaborated with Laboratorio Paravicini, a celebrated ceramics company based in Italy, on a collection of mini dessert plates and sets. Featuring Bugdaycay’s signature use of astronomical shapes, armorial bearings, and guild marks, the pieces are so striking that it’s almost a shame to cover them up. 

Special-Edition Heated Razor

GilletteLabs x Bugatti

A great razor should be as dependable and stylish as a car. Taking this sentiment to heart is Gillette, which partnered with Bugatti on a chargeable heated razor with an eye-catching blue handle made of premium-grade aluminum-zinc. It’ll kick your grooming routine into high gear.  

Velvet Milano

Looking for dressy velvet loafers with leather pipping to wear out (or even stay in)?  Know that “X,” as is often the case, marks the spot. 

Velour Damarindo Tracksuit

Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini revisits the ’80s with a collection of velour tracksuits, featuring its notable double stripes.

Melbye Titanium and Charcoal Steel Mesh Day-Date Watch

Looking this watch—with its elegant titanium case and stainless steel mesh strap—is time well spent. 

Thermal Sweater

Standard Issue Tees

It’s getting colder, and you’re gonna need this thermal pullover (in a fall friendly shade called “suede”—to keep you warm.  

Hydrating Shampoo

Firsthand Supply

If you’re troubled by dry hair, check out this hydrating shampoo by Firsthand Supply. The formula is comprised of hydrolized rice protein, which helps bind moisture, and aloe vera juice, which strengthens hair and controls frizz.   

Barry Samaha is the style commerce editor at Esquire, where he covers all things fashion and grooming.

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